Hello everyone!  For those who may be wondering, we are making great progress on the book and we should have an idea when it will be finished fairly soon.  In the meantime, here is another conversation I had with Mr E while we were working on the book.  He often veers off  into other, related subjects when we talk and this is one that I think could be very helpful to those of you who find yourself surrounded by difficulties and negativity from time to time. Here it is,  I hope you find it useful, I know I did!

Mr E: The best way for people to be happy is to remove the negative energy in their life. Sometimes the negative energy is caused by other  people, other times, it’s caused by situations that you need to move beyond.  Even if you feel helpless, you can start building a base of positivity and that will help you get out of a negative situation. You can create your own magic to help you do this.

When my people work with energy, they work with their hands 99.99999% of the time so it would be good to understand that your hands are also very, very powerful tools. You guys have no idea–most of the time, I see humans waving their hands around and (laughs) they have no idea of the power that can come from their hands. I mean, yes, they use them to grab and hold things but most people have no idea of the use of their hands beyond that.

There is power/energy accessible right there in the palm your hand. Sometimes, and it depends on how you are using the power, it will shoot out through the fingers which is why I laughed when I thought of people waving their hands around and gesturing, pointing here and there, completely unaware of the energy they were sending this way and that.

So yes, your fingers can send out directed energy and of course most people have two hands so it can be very powerful. You can create energy between your hands like this (palms facing each other). If you place your palms facing each other, about 2 inches apart, you’ll be able to feel a ball of energy building there.

At the moment, mine isn’t very strong  because I only put my hands together for little bit but if I decided to add some intensity, it would build very fast. Your hands can get very warm when you even think about the energy there because you are focusing on it.

This energy here (the energy created between his palms) is not the source of the energy, this isn’t where it originates. The energy comes from the god source (universal energy, god, goddess, all that is, whatever you want to call it) and enters the body at the top of the head. This source of power never runs out, it’s better than an energizer bunny!

The energy comes in through the top of your head (crown chakra), shoots down through your head and neck, down your arms and out through your palms or your fingers depending on how you choose to use it. (By the way, the energy actually travels through your entire body and eventually out your feet but for our purposes here, we’re just talking about using the energy through your hands.)

NL: So, how do you work with it?

Mr E: Usually, when you are working with energy, you have both feet on the ground– sometimes you have a German Shepherd lying on them (he’s joking, he’s talking about our dogs) and sometimes not (Laughs). In this case you’ve got the nice shepherd right here. (Laughs) You’ve got your fluffy shepherd here like your fluffy slippers and that keeps your toes warm you see. It’s a very nice toe warmer!

NL: (laughs) So, the way you use your hands and how you use  the energy is connected to your thoughts, right?

Mr E: Yes, you are directing thought, you are directing energy and there is actual physical energy that comes right out of here (indicating his fingers).

NL: I think they can see this with Kirlian photography.

Mr E: I was just going to say that–you  pulled it right out of my brain! I didn’t know what to call it but you said it. I was going to say you might actually be able to see it, the energy that is coming out of your hands.

NL: Ha! Perhaps great minds think alike!  So, you are saying that people are sending their energy everywhere and they are completely unaware of it.

Mr E: Yes, for the most part, they have no clue what they’re doing.  Another thing I’d like people to become aware of is, when you touch someone, you are also exchanging energy with that person. Keep that in mind when you shake hands with someone, especially someone you don’t know well.   You need to be able to get that energy off of you, don’t let it seep into you. Also, be aware that, when you’re touching someone, you’re also sending your energy into them.

NL: That can be used to their benefit too, can’t it?

Mr E: This can be used in two different ways. I’ve said this before–magic is the use of of energy. That’s why I can’t say that there is good magic or bad magic, there is just magic. The intentions behind the magic is what will determine what  is good or bad.

If you want to touch somebody and send them positive, healing thoughts, you can do that but you can also send someone dark thoughts or make them do things that would harm themselves.

NL: I imagine a person would not have to accept that energy.

Mr E: That is true, if you’re strong enough, but most people have no idea that this is going on.

NL: Most people have no idea about this type of energy. They don’t see it so they don’t understand it or believe in it and this puts them at a disadvantage to begin with.

Mr E: That’s exactly right and therefore, they have no idea what is actually affecting them. In some ways, they are like ping pong balls that are dropped from the sky and they are just bouncing off whichever way they go.

NL: Whatever way the energy pushes or pulls them?

Mr E: Yes, it seems totally random to them but they don’t realize it’s really not random at all. Random does not exist. Now, there’s the one thing that does not exist people!(Laughs) Elves exist, but random does not!

NL: Alright, humans are the ping pong balls dropped from the sky but, what exactly is acting upon them? Why isn’t it random? Couldn’t there just be some energy left behind by others that just happens to be there? Or is it more planned than that?

Mr E: It is planned in its own special way. People draw things to themselves because of the vibration that they have but they don’t realize that’s what’s happening. They don’t realize that they’re like little balls with feelers. They don’t realize that all their thoughts are pulling things to them at all times. If they did, more than likely, they would be happy to stop doing that!

NL:  If they were negative thoughts, that is.

Mr E:  Yes, I’m sure they would be more than happy to stop pulling poverty towards themselves or sickness or bad relationships. They’re doing it themselves but, unfortunately, they just don’t realize it.

The most important thing is to become self actualized and be aware of what you’re thinking at all times.

NL: At every moment you are doing this, you are creating your life for better or worse.

Mr E: Every. Single. Moment. Every breath you take, every thought you have, has an energy to it and you are either pulling things to you or you are pushing it away.

This is elven living, this is how we live. This is taught to us at a very young age and I don’t care what kind of elf you are, a .royal elf, a baker elf, a sewing elf, a regular Joe elf on the road, a drifter elf, they all know this.

NL: You guys are helped by the fact that you can see the energy.

Mr E: Well, yes but not only that, we are closer to the goddess energy in our realm, and things are a little bit different here. Things are a little bit lighter,

[the energy] is not as condensed and bogged down from all that other crap that you’ve got in here.

It’s like slogging through mud. The energy in the air around you in your world is like mud. It’s all muddied up with all kinds of things.

NL: You can lighten it, can’t you?

Mr E: Yes, you can somewhat and you can create your own reality.  See, the thing is, once you realize that you affect everything, and you totally get that, it changes everything. By that, I mean you can redirect your energy quite a bit.

NL: What do you mean by redirect?

Mr E: Here’s an example. Let’s say, for instance, you’re having a bad day and things are not going well. A certain someone is acting up and bringing your energy down. What you need to do, when you’ve got someone in your life that is really affecting you negatively, is you’ve got to bubble them.

NL: I’m guessing you encase them in–

Mr E: Energy, some serious energy. In your mind, you draw energy from your crown chakra (top of the head) and you say, ” I’m building an energy around this person.”

NL: Okay, so you have your palms facing each other and you’re drawing energy into the space between your palms and you are taking that energy and shaping it into a bubble.

Mr E: Yes, a huge bubble and this bubble goes whoosh (pushes the energy with both hands), right over the person that is bringing negativity into your life.

NL: Does the person have to be in your presence at that moment?

Mr E: No, that doesn’t matter. It could even be a dead person, you know you have had a few of those around here too.

NL: Yes, I know we have.

Mr E: You know, you throw that bubble and all the sudden it’s like (makes a sound like someone talking very far away).

NL: They’re muted!

Mr E: Yes, that’s nothing important anymore, you see what I’m saying? Don’t worry about them, they are going to mess up their lives in their own way if that’s what they choose to do. (Now, if this same person has decided they’ve had enough of this and want some help, then go ahead and help them. In the meantime, don’t let them affect your life.)

NL: And this is really important because a lot of people get entangled with negativity and don’t know how to free themselves. Wow, I wish I had understood all of this when I was growing up.

Mr E: Well, fortunately, you’ve gotten past that now…

NL: Yes, thank goodness!

Mr E: Yes, you’re very very wise at this point so now you can get everything you want (claps hands) just like that. It can happen (snaps fingers) just like that.

Another thing people need to watch for is negative thoughts that are saying “you can’t do this, you don’t deserve that.” Whenever you hear that, you’ve got to get those things away from you. You’ve got to build your own bubble, your own bubble of only positivity around you.  You say, “only the positive comes through to me, only positive energy.”

NL: What if it’s coming from your own thoughts?

Mr E: If it’s coming from your own thoughts, you have to WHACK them away. You’ve got to stop the negative thinking and to do that, you’ve got to concentrate on everything you’re thinking. If it’s negative, well if you want to bring the negative to you, then go right ahead. If you wanna be smacked in the face and feel that pain, go right ahead.

NL: Having experienced a human life here, I can say that this is often something you don’t even know that you’re thinking.

Mr E: And that’s exactly why you have to concentrate on what you’re thinking.

That’s possibly the most important thing that I have to say to everyone.

The best thing you can do to improve your life is to notice what you are thinking, to watch your thoughts.

What are you hearing? I’m not good enough for this? I’m not pretty/attractive enough? I’m not smart enough? I’m not wealthy enough? I’m not creative enough? You know, the lack of this, the lack of that and all the other reasons you say you fall short. You’ve got to pay attention to those thoughts and say, “that’s BS.”

Truthfully, any lack that comes your way is BS because there’s so much abundance out there.

NL: So it can never be true.

Mr E: It’s false! It’s you creating the lack and if you didn’t create it, it wouldn’t exist.

Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.