A new year is almost upon us! Here’s Mr E’s take on what 2018 has in store.–nl

Mr E: I want to tell you about the energies of 2018.

First of all, the number 8 in particular, if you tilt it on its side, is an eternity symbol.

NL: It’s a symbol that has no beginning and no end, similar to a circle.

Mr E: Yes.  This is the year of commitment and of solidifying things in your life, you know what I’m saying? Sometimes the eternity symbol represents marriage and that means committing, and staying and seeing things through. It’s like, “this is it, this what I want. This is what we’re going to do.”

So, that’s the type of energy that is out there this coming year, commitment to yourself or to someone or something else in the year 2018.

NL: Does that mean,  if you were working on a new idea or something…

Mr E: Then you will be very committed to that idea.

NL: And, because of that, it will become more solid?

Mr E: Right! Exactly.

NL: So, why is the shape of the number eight more conducive to commitment?

Mr E: It’s a closed loop and the energies are together.

NL: You’re talking about the energies within the number eight?

Mr E: Right, they intertwist amongst each other as the number eight, you know. It was a zero but then it twisted and became an eight, you see what I mean?

NL: Right, and it’s not open like a number one or something so the energy is contained within the loop.

Mr E: Yes, exactly and the energies will not separate, they flow into each other. That’s another feature of this year,  energy will flow well this year in creating things that you want to create.

NL: That is great, that is really good. So, how will people experience this energy in 2018?

Mr E: Well, in 2018, they will be able to find opportunities to commit to something.

NL: So, if it’s not a relationship…

Mr E: If it’s not a relationship, it’s your job or it’s your ideas, it’s your diet, it’s your health, or whatever you are working on. You will be able to commit to it easier.

NL: And the commitment will be easier because things will fall into place easier?

Mr E: Exactly, because it’s the year of commitment you will also be more focused on your goal. Now, the next time we’ll have this energy is when the next eight comes around again in 2028.

NL: So, how can people get the most out of this year? Just be aware of it?

Mr E: Yes, know that during this year, this energy exists and if you are aware of it, you can use it your advantage.

NL: People will be able to accomplish things easier?

Mr E: Yes, things will be accomplished because you’ll be more focused and committed to them. You’ll have more ability to stick to your plans or goals than you had before.

NL: In this last year, I noticed a lot of interruptions and distractions and what I generally called “static” that made progress on our projects much more difficult. With the energy of 2018, will that go away or at least be diminished?

Mr E: Yes, that static will be gone. You won’t notice it as much because you will be very committed to the things you want. You’ll be able to commit easily and you’ll be able to connect easier with your goals.

NL: OK, anything else they need to know about that?

Mr E: No, that’s about it, go out there this year, commit to things that are important to you, and have a great new year!

Who is Mr E?

He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.