In a recent interview for our upcoming book, a conversation that I was having with Mr E drifted from the topic at hand to a discussion on dark elves and his purpose in being here.  It  was an interesting conversation so I thought you might like me to share it with you.  I hope you enjoy it.  –nl

NL: Through all these interviews that we’ve had recently with other beings in your world,  I get very similar answers when I ask them why they are helping you do this or that.  The answer is usually, “Because the elves are kind, they are helping us and we want to help them in return.”

Mr E: (Smiles) That sounds right, we are mostly kind people. Well,  I mean, to a point, unless you mess with us.

NL:  Before you say it, I know, you’re not angels.

Mr E: No, we’re not angels but elves in general, the dark and light, all have their own sense of dignity about them. They prefer to uphold dignity and not just dignity for themselves but dignity for those around them.

NL: Even the dark ones?

Mr E: Even the dark ones, in their own dark little world amongst their dark selves. Unfortunately, I believe the dark elves would be considered racist in your world because they only like themselves and things that are in their part of the world. I can’t say that all the dark ones are bad but, from my perspective, it’s their system that is bad.

NL: By “system,” you mean what they value and what they don’t value ?

Mr E: Yes, exactly, but amongst themselves, I could see them helping each other.

NL: Out of the goodness of their hearts?

Mr E: Probably, but you see, the biggest problem we have with them is their judgement of humanity.  They are wrong about the humans and that’s the whole reason I’m here. Sadly, they just won’t listen to us when we tell them humans have wonderful qualities and souls.

They disagree. They believe that the only way to stop humanity from destroying the earth is to be rid of them.

NL: People on our side question if they could actually pull that off, if the dark elves could bring about human annihilation.

Mr E: Oh, they could have by now, if we hadn’t opposed them.

NL: How would they do it? Humans are wondering about that because the dark elves aren’t even in this world.

Mr E: They may not seem to be in this world but they can be there, in your head. They are there in spirit. They’ve got great talents when it comes to making other people (humans) do things, bad things.

Think about the violence in your world, both random and planned, violence that leaves your people shaking their heads, wondering why this senseless thing would happen. Think about that and you may start to understand what I am talking about.

NL: Are you saying that they can step into a human’s life?

Mr E: Yes. They can and do go in and mess things up in strategic ways, always keeping their goal of destroying mankind in mind.

NL: So, that could explain why the world is in the shape it’s in, why terrorism exists and random shootings are all too commonplace.

Mr E: Yes it does.  Your world is in quite a bit of turmoil but all is certainly not lost. There are those who are working to counteract the dark elves, not just my people but a whole alliance of elves and humans themselves can help.

NL: As you’ve mentioned many times before,  there is an alliance of eight different nations that have decided to work together to fight those who wish to destroy humanity.

Mr E: Yes that’s correct and the dark elves are not going to win. We won’t let them win at this point and right now we’re keeping them at bay the best we can.

NL: What’s going to turn the tide, though?

Mr E: The tide will turn when the humans  decide to stop allowing themselves to be manipulated.

NL: Most aren’t even aware of what’s going on.  I’m sure most of them think those dark thoughts are their own so I don’t know how that will happen.

Mr E: It’s a big obstacle.  Humanity has to become aware of the dark beings whose malicious minds are trying to get them to self destruct in any and every way possible. As far as they’re concerned, the faster  you can destroy yourselves, the faster the earth can heal. That is their goal, that is what they want. They want to wipe out humanity.

NL: I would think that the smartest thing for them to do it is to work on those who have positions of power.

Mr E: They work on the most powerful people that they can find to manipulate. Not all humans are easily manipulated but they seek out those that are.  And, since most humans don’t believe the paranormal world exists, it makes their job so much easier. They tend to think–and I’m speaking of humanity as a whole, not individually–all they see is all there is. That’s just not true.

NL: What I’ve found to be true is I’m hardly ever alone, even if I seem to be sitting in a room all by myself.

Mr E: Oh, yes, you’re never quite completely alone and if by chance you happen to be, you won’t be for very long, that’s for sure. There’s so many other beings walking all over the place. They are going from here to there, taking care of their business. They may take notice of you and they may not.

NL: Depending on who you are and your value to their purposes.  The dark elves try to mess with us constantly.

Mr E: It is a constant thing.  We’ll accomplish something over there and then something will get slowed down here and that’s all their doing.

That’s what we have to fight against. We have to make sure that the people out there, the new agers and the people with the open minds, can hear me say, “Look, I’m not crazy, I’m really here, I’m trying to tell you there are beings out there trying to harm you and you’ve got to protect yourself.”

Not only that, becoming aware of elves would be the better thing. We need humanity to be aware of us to the point where they will want to stop what they’re doing. We want them to realize that the mess they are making of their world is not only affecting their world but our world as well.

Perhaps most of them won’t be moved, won’t care,  but there might some people who care just enough to create a change, to turn the tide.  I would hope that the good people in the human world would hear what I have said and then think, “Hey, I better not do this because it’s going to affect my people and all these millions of other types of beings in another realm too.”

You know what I’m saying? That’s what I’m trying to do. That’s why I’m here, that’s my purpose.

This was an experiment.  This whole thing was an experiment to try to get humanity to hear us and understand.

Who is Mr E?

He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.