Here is a recent conversation I had with Mr E about the energy of 2016, the year of momentum. As usual, he mentioned things I hadn’t even thought of, so I found it fascinating.  Here it is, I hope you enjoy it!

NL: What can you tell me about the energy of the year 2016?

Mr E: The years sometimes have to do with the numbers themselves.

NL: You’re saying there is something to numerology…

Mr E: Yes, definitely, very, very much so. Numerology is not hogwash.

NL: So, if they had started the calendar a couple of years later, the energy of 2016 would be

Mr E: Ah, slightly, yes.

NL: Just because we have imposed a man made structure onto something, that creates a difference?

Mr E: It’s all a part of creating reality. It’s part of, oh, how do I explain it? Numbers are more than just numbers, they are patterns, they are energy signals. It’s very complex and perhaps only a mathematician would completely understand what I’m saying.

Each number has its own vibration. For instance, in order to do the number seven you have to go, (tapping with his finger) one…two…three…four…five…six…seven. Two is one…two, see the difference?

NL: It’s not the “word” seven or the written number 7, it’s what they represent.

Mr E: Yes, it’s what it’s representing. Each number is kind of like an energy all of its own.

Let’s say the number one has an energy signal that goes “whoosh.” Then, the number two would go”whoosh, whoosh.” See?

NL: Are you talking about energy bursts when you say that?

Mr E: Yes, two would give you twice as much. It is it’s own complexity. The number two is two things and the number one is one thing and so on.

This is not created by mankind, it is coming from the uber consciousness–I don’t know what you want to call it–the oversoul, the universal concept, all that is.

NL: So, mankind picked that up from the universal consciousness. We didn’t invent it, it was already there.

Mr E: That is right, it was already there and humanity ended up creating time because of it.

NL: All right, that brings us to the year 2016 which has a particular energy.

Mr E: It has its own particular energy just as 2015 did.

NL: Can you tell us about it?

Mr E: Yes, I can do that. In 2016, you are entering into the second quarter of the big change.

NL: Can you explain that a little bit?

Mr E: To understand what is going to happen in 2016 it will be helpful to understand the cycles of time and where you currently are in that cycle. Every 60 years, a cycle completes and another one begins. The previous big change ended in 1999 and a new one began in the year 2000.

If you remember, leading up to the beginning of 2000, many people were saying, “Oh, there’s going to be an apocalypse,” and they were talking about Y2K, expecting something big to happen. Fortunately, the apocalypse didn’t happen but it is true that things do happen at the beginning of these cycles.  In the early years of this phase, things did happen…some things that weren’t great.

NL: Why is each cycle 60 years long?

Mr E: Think about how you measure time–there are 60 seconds in a minute which consists of four 15 second intervals. When the last 15 secs tick by, that minute is complete and another minute begins.

It works the same way with years. For example, every 60 years something happens, something big and the energy changes.

In every 60 year cycle, the first 15 years are like the first 15 seconds where things are just beginning and starting up. It’s a time when you are working out the kinks.

The second phase of 15 years, which is where you are right now in 2016, is when things are starting to really go and you’re gaining quite a bit of momentum.

The third phase of 15 years is even better yet and the final phase is the completion phase which ends right before the new cycle begins in 2060.

NL: So, in 2016, we are starting a 15 year momentum phase. What does “momentum” mean in this case?

Mr E: It means, the things you were working on in the last 15 years will be accomplished within the next 15 years.

NL: What if you aren’t that old and/or haven’t been working on something for 15 years?

Mr E: It doesn’t matter what your situation is, that’s just how the energy flows.

NL: So, let’s say you were wanting to do something in particular in the last few years, is that more likely to happen starting in 2016?

Mr E: Yes, right, it gets more of a boost.

NL: I’m sure many people accomplished things in the first 15 years but you are speaking of the general characteristic of those years. They were building years.

Mr E: That is correct.

NL: With all this in mind, what can people look forward to in 2016 based on what you have said about the second 15 year phase that we are just beginning?

Mr E: This is the year where you could finally have a break through or start to achieve a goal you have been working on.

If people have been skidding their wheels and feeling stuck, the energy of this year will help free them so they can finally move forward.

There may be lots of accomplishments or the beginning of accomplishments. Some may discover something they hadn’t thought of before that suddenly makes things work better or easier. Things will come together and work much smoother.

You are past the rough patch and now you are really gaining momentum. It’s like a rock rolling down the hill, you know what I am saying?

Who is Mr E?

He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.