Mr E: There’s an old elven saying that we use a lot which is, “never milk a cow when you’re angry or the milk will go sour.”

NL: And that means…?

Mr E: Basically, whatever emotions you’re feeling  as you are milking the cow will go right into that milk. So, if you are pissed off at your spouse or something as you are milking the cow, that energy will now be a part of the milk.

Then, when that milk is consumed,  somebody is going to be consuming your anger, you see? That also goes for baking, cooking, or just about anything.

NL: So, the milk doesn’t physically go sour but it is contaminated with bad energy.

Mr E:  Right, but in my world that’s pretty much the same thing.

NL: Humans can affect things this way too, right?

Mr E: Right, it’s universal. So, if you’re going to create something, remember this.

NL: That’s so interesting…how often do we all do that…all the time, I imagine.

Mr E: And you’re not even aware that you are doing something that is going to be used for consumption later.

NL: This would even apply to something like knitting, right?

Mr E: Oh, knitting especially or knotting.  Let’s say like, if I were working on a fishing net, see? I’d be having an angry net and that’s not going to be catching very many fish. The fish will sense it, “oh, that’s an angry net,” and they’ll stay away.

NL: So, you really have to live very consciously.

Mr E: You have to try and live consciously in everything you do. I think that is really what that saying is about. You know, if you want a saying that is definitely one of the oldest sayings we have and one that we live by the most, well that is it.

NL: It’s a great reminder. As humans, we tend to dull down this awareness…

Mr E: Yeah, like “I don’t care, I’ve gotta get this done and damn it, he did this and that, he’s being such a jerk lately.” He’s making angry milk or whatever he’s doing. If you are processing food or processing anything when you are angry or sad, you’re gonna create something angry or sad.

NL: This is such an important thing to hear…

Mr E: It is very important. You’ve got to be caring about what you are doing and what you are thinking. You need to be aware of what you’re thinking while you are doing it.

NL: This just illustrates the power of thought…

Mr E: Yes, it does…don’t ever do anything when you are upset or pissed off.

NL: In your realm, this doesn’t happen very often because people can see the energy they are creating, right?

Mr E: Yes, they can. They are more aware of how they are feeling and how other people are feeling around them.

NL: Can you turn this around?

Mr E: Yes, you can!  If you want to consciously create something positive then what you need to do is open up your love chakra (heart) and feel the love. Put love into it or put peacefulness into it. If I make a “peaceful” net, the fish go right into it. You can make something very powerful when you are happy, you can make some very good things!

For instance, right now I’m working on a small rug that will go right in front of the door. And, with this rug, I am consciously adding the energy of protection so that no one will be able to step on this rug and do me harm.

NL: Does it have a symbol in it?

Mr E: Right, I could put that (a protection symbol)  in there later.

NL: But you don’t think you need it.

Mr E: No, I don’t necessarily need the symbol to remind me that’s what that is. I just know that this is what my intention is. I use symbols but, in this particular situation, I don’t necessarily HAVE to have a symbol there.

NL: So, how can you translate this concept  into something that would, say, draw abundance?

Mr E: Okay, let’s see…abundance, what can you use for abundance? I know! You could be make a bag (purse) that you put your money in…something that deals with money energy. Purses, wallets, coin purses, your piggy bank.

NL: Ok, so while you are doing that, you would have to be thinking about the feeling of abundance.

Mr E: Exactly! The overflowing abundance of money–that’s what you have to think about. That’s how you do that one but the concept can apply to just about anything.

Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.