The View From Lakeside,  3/14/14…

Hello again! I hear that you will be celebrating St. Patty’s Day very soon and over here that’s always a happy occasion for us.    You see,  St.  Patty’s day is  when humans slightly remember we that actually exist, or at least they want to believe that we do!   As you know, the leprechaun is a type of fae  and since they are the main reason for the  interest in us at this time, we are very thankful for our short, red haired brethren.   Even though the veil was cast, they seem to be able to make their presence known to humans from time to time so we like to  celebrate that over here.

We celebrate this occasion  just a little bit differently, I suppose. Yes, we drink and make merry but we also have a party around a huge fire and dance ’til dawn . We make streamers out of green fabric and wave ’em about while dancing–it’s quite a lot of fun!  Sometimes we sit and talk about our human encounters and our views on humankind’s progress and we hope for best for all of us in the future.

About the streamers–I know I’m gonna have to describe them better and I  will try and do that here. They are made of  a very light, silk-type fabric  and they are attached to a three foot long stick.  At the top of the stick is where the stream of fabric goes and the the bottom of the stick has tiny jingle bells so it make a little noise when you use it. We go about waving this around while we dance and its quite something to see when you have 20-50 people all doing this at the same time. Ah, such fun!

[Note from Natalie:  The streamers are sort of similar to the ribbons that Olympic dancers that use but they aren’t as long and they don’t swirl them as much.  Mr E also said that they move the streamers in a pattern all together which makes it quite an impressive sight to see.]

As far as Lakeside goes,  all is well here.  I have been pretty busy working with the Hatchets and of course the Handpuls.   I stop over to their bakery to share some stories of Fyn and drink some tea and have a few of their delicious treats.  Word is we are gonna make a cook book for humans someday.

There is a lot of good folk here in this town and they’ve found a way into Mr E’s heart, for sure.

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Celebrating Leprechauns on St. Patrick’s Day

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