Hello everyone…it has been a while since Mr E’s last blog post and he wanted to talk to you about that and give you a little audio intro to his blog this time so here he is—take it away, Mr E!

Now, on to your questions:

From Lisa–

Hi Mr. E, thanks for answering the previous questions. They are so interesting and eye-opening. Seeing your reply to Valkyn’s post about fae in Newfoundland, it got me thinking.

I was thinking if you would know if there is a relationship between the Fyn, or the “Western” faeries in general, and the “Oriental” faeries (eg. Asian/African). Do your groups interact at all? And if so, is there a communication barrier due to language differences? Would you be able to tell if they were from a different group (like different clothes/language/rituals or something)

I apologize if these questions sound strange. I actually just learned about the real existence of fairies not too long ago and this is really eye-opening. Thanks to Natalie and Susan as well!

Mr E’s Answer:

Yes, they do interact to varying degrees. Even though the Group of Eight is made of countries located in various places in the world, some of the areas you mentioned are considered neutral so they aren’t part of The Eight. Now, when you talk about African fairies, there are many different groups in there and you can’t label the entire continent as one country because it’s not. There are many different tribes there and they all interact with each other.

On whether there is a communication barrier: Sometimes there is, yes, but there’s always at least one person who can act as an interpreter. You know, when you are in a particular position, your job is to learn these other languages so that you can communicate because if you can’t communicate with each other, it could become very dangerous.

In Fyn, we do lots of trading with elves from all over and to do that we obviously have to be able to communicate. You know, we’ll send a ship out with our goods and come back with theirs and sell it here…so yeah, lots of trade and lots of interaction with elves from different countries.

On being able to tell different groups apart: You can easily tell them apart. Fynians and those in our general area (Sweden, Germany, Holland, France, England, Ireland and some others) wear similar clothing with different variations that’s their own style so you can tell “that’s Fynian clothing there, and the trim here is a little different, that came from England” and so on. Now let’s take trip on the boat and let’s go all the way down to Spain or even India, they wear totally different clothing there. Why is that, you ask? It’s a cultural thing, when it comes to humans or elves, it’s the same–when cultures and peoples are separated from each other, they tend to behave differently.

From Navneeta:

…I would love to hear that indescribable music Mr.E talked about. I wish we could actually

[hear] real Fae music. Although I would be glad if he could tell us that why does he need MUSIC during magic and do they sing while doing magic? Does every magic needs music?

Mr E’s Answer:

We chant, yes for the same reason that humans chant. When you chant, you are repeating something and you are focusing on channeling that one idea or want–no confusion intended on the use of the word channeling here because it’s not like me (Mr E) coming through Susan. I’m saying, you are working on that one goal and you are focusing–it helps you focus. The better the focus, the more you can pull what you are focusing on into your reality.

From Anna:

I find this very interesting. Ruth and her family are incredibly lucky to have such amazing talents! I was wondering if there is a reason her family is more perceptive to the fae?

I have a question about something you have said in the past. You said Mr. E is staying in Lakeside because it’s close to where you live. But you also said the fae don’t build where humans have built. I was wondering if you meant it’s near where you live, or how that works. This brings me to my next question, can they see us and or our buildings? And would we be able
to see their buildings?

Thank you for another intriguing post!

Mr E’s Answer:

I’m not sure if this is the case for Ruth but, sometimes there are those [elves] who like to study humans and we do this for a reason because we want to find out what’s going on over here (on the human side) because what happens on the human side also affects our world, you know.

There are some people whose family line has been studied for generations and generations. Well, actually, we watch (follow) the reincarnation of these particular souls–it’s the soul line that we are looking at rather than the actual family line, I would say.

On human and elven buildings:  Sometimes [the elves] build right on top of the [human] structure….for instance, I live in a house that is similar to this one (our house, on the human side) but it’s not exactly the same. It’s in my world and it’s sunk right in the same space. You see, we’re not expecting the two worlds to combine any time soon. When we feel that it’s going to happen soon, we’ll be sure to take care of that.

On whether or not they can see humans and their buildings from their side: Yes we can. We can see you if we really choose to but it depends on the person. There are some elves that are in tune to that and for others, it’s no big deal, they don’t really care.

On whether humans can see elven buildings, etc.: No, it’s not possible [to see our buildings from your side]. You can’t see our buildings unless you’re in our realm, say, due to a realm shift. This has happened in certain places and it’s usually in places where the belief in the fae is extremely high–think Ireland or Iceland for example. Once you have that (the strong belief), then it’s possible but you have to have the right vibrations , the right time fluctuation and everything has to be just perfect for this to happen. When that happens, then it is possible to accidentally  see one of our buildings, maybe go into it for a few minutes, and then step out. After that, you might turn to look back and it would be gone because the moment has passed and things have shifted back to the way they were.(Note: There are fascinating stories of things like this happening to people in Iceland)

From Karen from Fairy Witness:

Karen shared one of our Facebook posts and wondered this about Mr E, “Do you ever wonder what we look like to him? Do we ever cross his way? If it hasn’t been asked yet, I’d love to know.  (Thanks, Karen, I don’t think anyone has ever asked this question before and I was very curious about the answer myself.–nl)

Mr E’s Answer:

When we see humans on our side, they have all the colors and dimensions that humans have [in their own world] but what’s different is they appear slightly, but not completely, translucent and they have a funny (odd) glow about them.

On whether it’s easy for elves to see humans: Seeing humans is something you have to focus on, you have to concentrate in order to see them.


I hope I answered these questions to your satisfaction and I plan  to answer the remaining questions sometime next week. Until next time, please take care and be safe!

Your Mr E.

Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.