Hello my friends from Real Fairies! I am back to answer a couple more of your questions but first, a short update:

Basically, everything’s good in Lakeside, there are no major troubles or worries at the moment, thankfully. For those who might be interested, the riddle of the day, given to me by the pixies went something like this:

Round it goes, it hides it well, but picks it up and all is well. What is it?

Okay, I might not have worded it exactly as they said it so don’t feel bad if you didn’t get it right. The answer is……the sun.

(He laughs) They love to catch me early in the morning  when I’m snoozing so they can have me at a disadvantage. I’ll be sleeping and, all of a sudden, I’ll feel something weighted on my big toe, you know, and then I can feel little legs dangling on my foot. When I open my eyes, there they are sitting, all eyes on me, waiting to give me my riddle. It can be an interesting way to start the day…

Alright now, let’s get to your last two questions:

From Taylor:

I had to relocate and I now live in a city, in a small apartment, off of a busy street with my boyfriend, our two kitties, and two guinea pigs. I have several houseplants and a terrarium dedicated to the fae with a little house and offerings for them. Do you think that despite my location, I will still have the opportunity to communicate with them in my home?

Also, whenever I see fairies, I see a pastel orb of light, that can vary in color. When I feel their presence, I typically get goosebumps on my arms and the back of my neck. Is there a way to strengthen this bond so that I can experience them more physically, such as being able to see their form or receiving verbal/ telepathic messages?

Mr E’s Answer:

Thank you for following us these many years, that is nice to hear  and thank you for your questions.

Now, to get to the answers:…hmmm, the problem is, the elves don’t like to be near big human cities. I’m very sorry but that’s the way we tend to be. Now if you had some elves that you were acquainted with before you moved, perhaps they would follow you to your new location to visit or even to stay for a while.

But, not to worry, you can always connect with them in meditation and in the dream world and that isn’t dependent on where you live at all.

So how do you do that? Before you go to sleep at night, state your intentions–for example you could say, “While I am sleeping, I want to go back and talk with the elves. I miss them and want to connect with them.” Then, in your sleeping state, your mind will take you where you will be able to communicate with them.

It works basically the same in meditation. Once you are in a meditative state, state your desire to communicate with the elves (or other type of fae) and the opportunity to do that will very likely present itself.

Sometimes, if you are having trouble connecting, we suggest the use of crystals, herbs (mugort/damiana) and symbols (fairy communication symbol) which can boost the signal and make connecting easier.

Now, I was speaking specifically about elves before but pixies are known to brave the rigors of human cities and can often be found in more human populated areas especially  if they are near gardens or if there are houseplants and other signs of nature indoors.

If they are present in your home, all you need to do to connect with them is tell them your desire to do so. Since you are able to see orbs, watch for that as a sign of their presence. You can also connect with pixies through meditation like I mentioned above.

Regarding strengthening the bond with the pastel orbs of light: These orbs that you are seeing are most likely pixies. To better hear their verbal telepathic messages, you can work meditatively as I mentioned above and use the signal boosters (crytals, herbs, symbols). To see them more clearly you can–as Natalie frequently does–see them much easier when your mind is in a state just between sleeping and waking. That is the easiest time to see them more clearly.

I  hope I was able to answer your questions for you.

From Jess:

Wow I never thought I would ever see this. I came here from youtube. You have some good advise mr.e. I am very thankful for your knowledge on the world and culture you come from. I love all your blogs I read them all.

I do have a few questions I understand if you can’t answer all my questions. My first question is about dragon flys. I remember I was sitting during my lunch break eating my food and a dragon fly flew right at me. Why does that happen? Secondly it is about possession. My sister, she is mentally ill due to certain reasons I cannot say. But I would like to know spells to protect her from any dark beings. And thirdly do prayers really work? I come from a strict background of shamanism. In my belief you cannot believe in two religions due to imbalance of practice. Does it affect you as well mr.e?

I would never think that fairies, elves, gnomes, trolls exist. I don’t expect to see anything. But it’s just so fascinating and different.
Thank you again for all the posts and stories!

Mr E’s Answer:

Thank you Jess, for your kind words, I truly appreciate it.

About the dragonfly: I’m thinking it’s quite possible that the dragonfly was directed by a pixie, maybe to get your attention. If that is the case, there may be more attention getting behavior to follow so just keep your eyes open.

About protection and possession: I am not going to say that that demonic possession doesn’t exist. I’m also not going to say that dark faeries aren’t capable of interfering or seriously messing with people because then I’d be flat out lying to you and I’m not the type to do that. I’m going to tell you straight up, this happens, there are nasties out there, but the instances of them causing harm are still rather rare.

There are ways to remove bad spirits or negativity from a space. Yes, prayer does work but it depends on the creature you’ve got there. Christian prayers can work on demonic energies but they won’t work on dark elves.

If you have a problem with a dark elf, you have to work with nature energies to get rid of them, that’s one of the best ways to really remove them.

Dealing with this type of possession requires the help of a specialist. There is a drinking concoction that is made for the possessed person to drink that  is not toxic to humans but it is toxic to dark elves. I don’t recall the recipe for this drink right now but, in the back of my mind, I’m thinking, “there’s something you can do,there’s something you can put together in a tea and drink it so that the dark elf will be expelled from the human body.

You see, because they’re dark elves, they have darker energy and if the dark elf is given some positive elf energy, well,  it’s like when you put the wrong sides of two magnets together, they repel each other. Using the herbal drink will cause the dark energy to be repelled and just like that, it will pop them right out of the human host body!

Now, to protect yourself from dark elves to begin with, salt, placed on window sills and above doorways is quite effective and so is using the protection rune  in the same way. Wearing the protection rune is also an effective dark energy repellent but it won’t cure possession, it will only repel and hopefully prevent problems from happening in the first place.

About the belief in two religions causing an imbalance:  What you are referring to is a human issue, not an elven issue. Humans tend to box their beliefs up in little packages and say that their’s is the only right way. In my world, some of us see things one way, others call it something else, still others see it in a slightly different way but we all understand that we’re talking about the same thing and there’s just different customs and ways of doing it.

I hope this information helps you, Jess.

Well that’s all the time I have for today.Thanks for reading my  friends, I’ll be back soon with a post for Thanksgiving.

Be well!

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