Hello people of Real Fairies!!!

Well, Lakeside has been pretty quiet this week–just folks going about their business. Crime has been a real low since I moved here and I’ve been here a while…I guess when you have a friend who’s a dragon, people take you seriously! Even though my dragon friend is not with me all the time, it only takes a moment for her to get here so the people of Lakeside don’t worry as much about people breaking laws and harming other folks as they used to.

When not watching over Susan and Natalie, I help out in town if they need me.  About a couple blocks west, facing the water–well, actually on the water–is a fish business called Hatchet’s Fishery. This is where they catch fish from the Great Lake (Lake Michigan in our world) and sell them to the people of the town so they dont have to be fishing for their food (however if that strikes their fancy, they can go right a head and try to score themselves a fish dinner).

The reason for me mentioning Hatchet’s is because I come here a lot to help them catch fish. You see, back home my family (the royals) has a fleet of fishing boats and before war was an issue, I pretty much oversaw all of that. When I got to Lakeside, I knew I could be of use to Mr. Hatchet because of my vast experience so I was glad to be involved. (Laughs) Plus, to be honest, I’m a big fish eater so I get to enjoy some really good fish!

Not to worry, I can still help Mr. Hatchet and accomplish my mission to communicate with you folks and let you know a bit more about us and why we decided to let ourselves be known at this time.

You see, as I have told you before, the veil that separates our two worlds is thinner than you think and our world and yours are more similar than you know even though we are in different realms. Unfortunately, your realm has affected ours in a negative way with the thinning of the ozone layer and other pollutants. I firmly believe that you are doing this out of a lack of knowlege rather than an intention to harm us so I do not feel any anger toward your kind (unlike some others in my realm).

Still, it’s important to say that, even without such intention, your collective decisions have had an impact upon us and if nothing changes, your own species will suffer as well. For this reason, I am here to let you know we exist and there is so much more out there than you can imagine or conceive of. Yes, I am here to show you this and I hope to gain your support so we can all find a way to coexist.

Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.