The View From Lakeside- Vol.7 4/02/14

Hello my friends from Real Fairies and welcome back to Lakeside! Ta asked about my dragon buddies and some history on them so I’ll have to start back in Fyn with this one…

Alright–well, these beings have been around almost as long as time itself but my relationship with them goes back to my childhood when I was a young boy, 12 years old and barely a man yet. On one particular bright, sunny day, I was within the castle walls practicing my swordsmanship with my father when I heard a huge swooping sound like the large wings on a huge bird. When I looked out and saw this huge flying beast heading towards us, I just about peed my drawers but the look on my dad’s face reassured me that I was okay.

The next thing I knew, a shiny green dragon with pearlescent scales landed gracefully in the middle court where we usually perform our military practice.  He was massive, about three times the size of an elephant in your world.  I stood about 15 feet away from him as he began talking to my father, explaining why he came here himself instead of sending the usual messenger.   I decided not to go any closer to him because I wanted a chance to be out of the snacking zone in case the talk went badly but I was pretty much frozen in place, anyway.

The dragon had important news of an uprising of the dark fae east of Fyn and told us that we should prepare for a possible attack.  He said that he would do what he could to prevent  the attack but unfortunately, the dark fae also had a pack of dragons on their side.

After they were done talking  the dragon said to my father, “I’d like to speak to your boy,” and then he whispered to me, “Come here boy, I want to talk to you. I won’t hurt you, let me get a good look at you.”  Ever since I was a small child, I had heard of the relationship between the Behradorn dragons and my people going way back before Fyn was even called Fyn, but until that very moment, I had never been face to face with one.

I walked closer, very slowly and he rested his massive head on the ground  in order to look less fearsome.  He took a good look at me and it was as if he could read my every thought and knew all there was to me.  He told me then that I would be an ambassador to the other realm in the future and he would see me through all I needed to get there.   He said, ” Do not worry boy, I am a friend.  I will never harm you for we all have a common goal and we have been united  for a long time.”  Then, he laughed and added, “Granted,  if I wanted you dead, you’d be dead in an instant, but for you, dear prince, that will never happen and  I will take it as a oath for life. A dragon keeps his promise and I will see you in a few years down the road and we will talk more once  you visit me at my cavern in Behradorn.”  Then I backed up a bit so he could fly off and he took off and went back from whence he came.

And that, my friends, was my very first encounter with a dragon!

Mr E

Note:  Below you will find an audio clip where Mr E explains in a bit more detail what it was like to be “read” by a dragon.

Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.