Welcome back!  In the first part of this series, we showed you several interesting  photos of unexplained phenomena taken by Ruth who lives in northwest Washington State.  As you might remember,  Ruth has rare abilities that include being able to see the phenomena prior to taking her photos and also the ability to receive compelling messages to come and take photos when she isn’t able to see the phenomena directly.

Ruth Shares A Little Bit Of Her Story

After seeing these photos and talking with Ruth, I asked her if she would share her photos and a bit of her story with us and she generously said yes. So, below you will find  her thoughtful answers to my questions followed with two more of her intriguing photographs. Below the photographs, you will also find  short discussion Mr E and I had about them.

NL:    You have a pretty unique gift!  Have you always been able to do this?

Ruth:    I’ve been aware since I was a young child but…you know the story, we’re often told as young children that it’s all our “imagination!”  I didn’t  get that from everyone, of course, mostly teachers in the early grades of school.

My mother was actually quite supportive of my experiences because she’s had plenty of her own! It seems to run in our family with my mother’s side being more open to it and talking about it.  It runs on my father’s side also but they kept their experiences more to themselves.  Both my son and daughter have a lot of experiences like this also!

I really don’t know why this happens to me – I will  almost be “forced” to take pictures which seems very random to my family (why are you taking pictures of the bushes, trees, roof, etc…??) and

[then] these beings will show up in them.

NL:  Have you ever gotten any communications from these beings?

Ruth:  The imprinted thought these meetings with these beings left me with [was]…I got a definite, no-doubt-whatsoever message that we are not alone, we’re never alone in this mortal life!

NL: When you are taking the photos…do you feel their energy? If so, is it positive energy? Neutral?  Negative?

Ruth:  I would say most of the time it’s positive…sometimes it feels neutral…and there’s been a few rare occasions when it felt spooky/negative.

NL:  When you are drawn outside to take these pictures, what is that like?  Is it a feeling in your head….and do you hear something or just feel it?

Ruth:  Sometimes I see things, sometimes I feel things…and I often hear things.  With the pictures, it’s an automatic response/action without really thinking about it much – it’s very random.  Like when I took [some of] these pictures, I was in the kitchen and I suddenly had to go get my camera off the counter and step out through the laundry room into the carport and stand outside in the dark and take pictures at what seemed to be only darkness.

NL: Ruth, thank you so much for sharing your photos and a little bit of your story with us!!!

The Story Behind This Bird or Dragon-like Image

These last two photos are my favorites.  According to Ruth, they were not visible to her when the photos were taken:  “I was randomly taking pictures in a spot in the woods.   I didn’t see this with my eyes–I sense when things are around, but I don’t always see them with my eyes. [I think] it looks rather bird-like the
way it’s approaching me.”


This second picture was taken a short time after the first when, as Ruth noted, it was taken “right as the “misty-bird” enveloped my head.”  Again the mist below was not visible to Ruth when she took the photo.



A Discussion With Mr E  About These Photos

Here’s a short conversation I had with Mr E about Ruth’s photos–the two photos above, in particular.

NL:  What do you think of these photos?

Mr E: It is very fascinating for me to see this because I don’t know what we might look like on your side of the veil.

NL:  Well, actually, Susan has seen your brother coming through (briefly) on our side of the veil and he appeared as a misty figure, very similar to this.

Mr E: That’s right, I remember that, it was very early on.

NL:  Yes it was!

Mr E: It’s definitely something…I wish I was there because I would have a better idea of what it is. Hmmm, if I was there, I could tell you.

There is one thing that did cross my mind when I saw the one in the woods, the one with the most stuff in it (the second photo). That one…I was thinking something of that size could be only one thing.

NL: What?

Mr E: A dragon.

NL: Well, I had a couple of thoughts about that…first, these entities seem so big but really we can’t be sure of that–it could just seem that way because it’s close to the camera.

Secondly, I don’t know if the size of the phenomena corresponds to the entity’s actual physical size because this is an energy field, not a physical body.

Mr E: I don’t know, but to me it looks like the energy of a dragon because of the way it is spread out and you can see a tail and you can see the body and the wing, do you see what I am saying?

NL:  Yes, I can definitely see what you are saying.  It also occurs to me that dragons are  powerful enough to be able to come through like this.

Mr E:  Well, whatever these beings are, they are very interested in her (Ruth) because she can see them. When you have the ability to see or hear like this, they will be attracted, be it fae or ghosties.

NL: She told me that she is sort of called out to take these pictures…

Mr E: Yes, they will try to  talk to her, that makes sense to me.

NL: So, do you think this could be ghost related?

Mr E: I’m not sure…(long pause)…I’m really unsure.

Going with logic–(laughs) semi-logic because I’m an elf for God’s sake–the one’s that were taken in nature could be elven or nature spirit related. They could even be wind spirits or something along that line and, as I mentioned before, possibly even a dragon.

NL: Ruth thought the first picture looked like a bird and dragons kind of look similar, especially when it’s hazy like this. I don’t want to reach for something that isn’t there but you mentioned a dragon and this actually looks like it could be one coming in.

Mr E: Yes, it really does but we can’t be sure of anything because we weren’t there to experience it in person, you know?

NL:  Yes, I agree but I think these photos serve to remind us that we really are surrounded by all sorts of beings.  Even if we can’t see them ourselves, we are never truly alone.

Who is Mr E?

He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.