Faery sized– Approximately 2″ long and 7/8″ tall


A magical, one of a kind item–

This is a lovely piece of faery fancy handcrafted by the Elf Haven Guild , a family of artists, conjurers, and craftspeople who are known to have a very close relationship with the Fae.
Elf Haven makes these enchanting shoes to please faeries and faery lovers alike. Having these faery shoes in your home lets faeries know that you are a friend of the fae and invites them to visit. (Some faery shoe owners have reported seeing some very interesting things!)
Each tiny pair of Elf Haven Shoes are individually handmade of polymer clay by Guild members, making each pair different and incredibly unique.
The making of these shoes involves many steps and processes which can take hours to complete. Each shoe is hand cut from specially blended clay and baked, assembled, and baked again. Finishing consists of a series of sanding and painting which ends with glitter and a protective varnish coat.
Why not give a pair to a friend to celebrate Fairy Day on June 24th? Or, you could always keep them for yourself and enjoy making some new faery friends!



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