Silver, 1 1/4 Wide x 1″ Long


This is a lovely piece of faery jewelry created by Natalie Lynn of the Elf Haven Guild, a family of artists, conjurers, and craftspeople who are known to have a very close relationship with the Fae…
A true gift from the faery realm, the design for this pendant was received directly from the Elven world. It’s designer has worked with Elven and Faery wisdom for many years and believes that this design has come directly from that source. The pendant features a “heart within a heart” design to convey the idea that two hearts can become one. It can be used as an amulet to draw love and friendship to the wearer.
Made of silver, the pendant is approximately 1 1/4″ wide and has a silver chain attached as pictured. The pendant and chain are approximately 21″ in length.
Elf Haven makes this beautiful pendant to please faeries and faery lovers alike. Give one to a friend to celebrate love and friendship or wear it yourself to honor the fae and bring more love and friendship into your life!



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