Decoupaged onto Wood, Measuring approx. 2 5/8″ Wide x 4″ Long
This Fairy Protection Rune is for those who want something a little more “decorative” than the symbol that can be printed out here on the blog. The symbol, given to us by the Elves of Fyn, was embellished by our very own Natalie Lynn to give it more of an artistic flair while maintaining the integrity of the energy within. This 2 5/8″ x 4″ rune is decoupaged onto wood and can be placed or hung wherever there is a need.
The Elves have repeatedly suggested that this rune be used to insure that “dark faeries” do not become a problem for those wishing to invite the fae into their life. According to them, it is best to make a declaration out loud such as, “those with bad intent are not welcome here,”  and follow up by placing this symbol above the doors or windows of your home.

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