Fabric Transfer onto Felt, 11″ x 9″


Here’s an amulet, given to us by the Elves of Fyn, that is wonderful to use whenever you need to discover or uncover the real truth.

The elves use the word “amulet” to describe an object that contains magical power and can be worn, carried or placed in a home. Amulets are often protective, deflecting negative energies, and in this case it would be used to deflect dishonesty and the intent to deceive.  All amulets need to be activated to be their most powerful.  To do this, empower it with your desire to find the truth by sending that thought, surrounded by  white light from your 6th Chakra (or third eye), into the amulet.
To use the flag, place it in a prominent place in any room in which you wish to have the truth be spoken. It can also be hung over your door so that truth will always be spoken in your home.



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