Uh, did I mention that elves love to celebrate?  I think I did…

Well, apparently, they love it so much that they will use any excuse to celebrate even if it means borrowing quasi human holidays, like April Fool’s Day, for example.

So, today I discovered my car with some toilet paper on its windshield.  Someone teepeed my car!  Who would do that!?! On closer inspection, I found that the toilet paper had the words “Ha Ha! April Fool’s Day!” written on it.

Well, it turns out a certain elf, whose name starts with the letter E, spent a good deal of time last night instigating this plot with my very own sister Susan.  She now tells me that there were other, perhaps more unpleasant and extreme plots afoot which she strongly advised against.  One of the alternative plans involved me being drenched with water upon opening the freezer door.  Thank you, Susan, for refusing to help him with that!

Just thought I ‘d give you a little insight into what it is like to sort of live with an elf! By the way, I did just hear that a modified version of the freezer plot may be looming in my son Zakk’s future so I don’t think it’s quite over yet!

Have a good April Fool’s Day everyone!