One of the first things the Elves of Fyn will tell you is that humans, as a whole, must learn to respect nature and take better care of the earth before it is too late.  Unfortunately for them, the damage we do here affects them deeply in their world.

Since their world is at risk, it’s hardly surprising that the elves are now making great efforts to communicate with us. Those we have spoken with are very focused on making us aware of the damage we are doing to both worlds, but they do it in a kind, gentle and encouraging way. However, there is no doubt they wish us to change course immediately so the earth’s healing can begin.


Unfortunately, not everyone in their realm thinks awareness and encouragement is the best course of action.  There is a large group of elves that thinks destroying humanity would be the best and fastest way to save the earth. You might wonder how any beings from another realm could destroy humankind.  The truth is, these particular elves are experts at reaching beyond the veil, into our realm, and our minds without ever leaving their homeworld. Their goal is to find as many vulnerable, unsuspecting minds as possible here so they can manipulate us into turning against each other. When you consider the state of our world today with all the violence and unrest at home and among nations, then this might not seem like such an impossible task.

As logical as the previous solution may seem, the Elves of Fyn are firmly against this plan. They value the best parts of humanity and believe their destruction would be a universal loss. In opposition, they have formed a union with seven other nations called The Group of Eight.  “The Eight,” as they are commonly known,  are working together to stop the elimination of humanity.  This task has come at a high cost for all eight nations as they have now become embroiled in a war to save humankind and the earth we both share.

The Elves of Fyn have often said that besides raising awareness, they also want to help humans become more balanced and empowered so that they live happier lives and more easily achieve their goal.  That is why they are giving us information about their world and their magic.


To a certain extent, the fairy world mirrors our world geographically, and Fyn is where Denmark and parts of Germany would be in our world.  It is a very ancient and thriving country, dating back thousands of years. Like most governments in the fairy realm, Fyn is a monarchy but with a rather unusual arrangement. It is peacefully and successfully ruled equally by four siblings. One of those rulers is Mr E, who has also taken on the role of elven spokesperson and ambassador to our world.  He and others from his country are the primary providers of information on this site.


Elves are just one of many races that populate their world, and we have written about some of the others in this post,  The Common Types of Fairies. Here’s what the Elves of Fyn briefly have to say about their own kind:  “The Elves of Fyn aren’t the “little people” that some humans think of when they hear that word.  We are as tall as humans,  a little slighter in stature but with a bit more grace, agility, balance and sensing abilities than humans.  We are not necessarily jovial like Santa’s Elves!”

The elves seem to be more free-spirited than humans and aren’t as conservative socially.  They don’t cast others out of their society because of their beliefs or preferences.  They respect and live close to nature, living in a technology-free environment similar to medieval times.  They are proud of their heritage and show it with banners and flags and love to celebrate often.