Hello, Everyone!

It’s time to update you on some of the things we are working on here at Real Fairies.

Our Book
Writing the book has continued steadily over the last months and, as you can see from the photo above, I was even able to enjoy some occasional sunshine while I worked.

Actually, writing is the easy part! Since this is our first book, I had no idea how much non-writing work was involved.  I am now much more familiar with the whole process which includes things like finding a good editor, learning to format a book, creating a book cover that is acceptable (still working on that) and marketing the book so people will look for it when it’s published.  There’s quite a bit more but hopefully, you get the idea.

We’ve already had to revise our publication date a few times (mostly due to Susan’s accident) but I think we are on target to be done in late 2017 or very early 2018.  I hope you can hang in there with us!

Our Podcast
Lately, our podcast has taken a bit of a back seat to our book so we’ve had to decide whether it was something we wanted to continue or not. We enjoy creating the podcasts but the number of listeners hasn’t exactly been through the roof.  We’ve gotten around 5,100 listens from our six completed episodes, which isn’t bad, so we’re just trying to figure out what our course of action should be. Maybe you could tell us what you think in the comment section below–that would be really awesome!

Blog Posts
This is an area we are planning to improve. It’s been difficult to add posts when most of the “MR E time” has been taken up by the book, but we are planning to add at least one post a week from now on.

Coming in 2018
One of the things we are excited about adding next year is video. We are planning to do a book trailer and possibly a short video on each of the beings that have been a part of the book. This sounds like a fun project so I’m looking forward to working on this.

How You Can Help
If you’d like, you can help us by letting us know what you’d like to see more of, on Real Fairies.  We really want this site to grow into something you will find helpful and interesting so any thoughts you have would be very appreciated.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your comments.

See you next week!