Contributed by Kikuyo:

Shielding is a form of psychic and energetic protection. A well-built shield will effectively reflect or deflect negative energy, or absorb it and transform it into something positive. Shields can also be built to help you sense psychic energy and the presence of spirits without letting them harm or scare you.

How to build one: much of the building is done through visualization and directing your energy and the energy around you into making a shell. Take some time to do this, draw it if you’d like. It can be fancy or simple. I like to build large shields, beneath which I constrct a sort of “happy place”, a place to meditate in and go to for healing or just to get away. Shields are largely about the power of the mind. You can carry stones or talismans to help strengthen them or add certain properties to them.

My method is:

1.) Find somewhere to sit quietly and close your eyes. Breathe deeply, and try to focus on a simple bubble around you. Really feel the bubble, feel it coming from within and around you.

2.) When you have a strong bubble built, customize it! Add colors and details, symbols and textures, focus on the outside. Know what each is for, to get the best benefit out of it. Tell yourself “This X is meant to do Y,” as you add it to the shield.

3.) To design things like energy sensors or blockers, simply design the “attachment”, like a big blue ball to sense spirits. In your meditation, hold this ball in your hands and affirm that “This sphere is for the purpose of sensing spirits.” Know this as a simple fact, and attach it to the ball.

4.) You can decorate the inside as well, or create layers, it’s really highly personal so have fun with it.

5.) When it is complete, sit there and simply focus, strengthening it with your will. When you are done, come out of the meditation and test it out if you want.

After care:
You must regard it as there. You must have faith that it will work and know that you designed it well.Because it is something both magickal and personal, you must treat it as such to get the full benefit out of it. You don’t have to walk around focusing on it all the time, but know that it is there and that it is strong.

Once a week, go back to rebuild it and strengthen it. You can tear it down and make a new one, expand or shrink it, or simply just enjoy being in it. I meditate within my shield-space before I go to sleep, and it helps me to relax and get sleep more soundly through the night. Regular meditation will do this as well, but I like that personal happy-place feeling on the shield lol. You can tap into them during the day to, for a reresher if things are stressful or boring.

Please share your shielding techniques :D One thing I advise, however, is to not divulge too many details about the shield itself. If someone were to try and send ill-will your way, they would have to get through your shield first; so if you say “my shield is a giant chocolate chip cookie where all of the chips are mirrors to deflect unwanted energy,” they can find a way to connect to your shield and take it apart. It can become a battle of the wills lol XD

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