Fairy Door in the WoodsWe are pleased to present our first featured artist, Simon Sinkinson of Tinydoors.com.  Living in The New Forest in the southernmost part of England, Sinkinson has been building fairy doors and fairy communities for 35 years.

Sinkinson creates incredibly detailed, small structures that he hides all over England and France as a forgotten safe haven for the small creatures he refers to as “Tiny Things.”  To him,  these Tiny Things  could be a myriad of small beings such as small fairies, mice, beetles, and snails.  On his website,  Tinydoors, he has posted pictures of some of the doors he has installed for them around the bases and roots of large trees and embellished with peepholes, signs, porches, and overhead lighting for each carefully crafted entrance.

Besides building tiny doors and houses, Sinkinson also crafts ships, bridges, swimming pools, and writes an additional weekly blog to record the humorous goings on of the tiny folk and the local Furzey Fairies. My favorite Sinkinson post  was titled “Big trouble at Furzey Gardens,” about some picketing fairies. I love how he uses fantastic storytelling to make his neighborhood creatively come to life with a motley group of characters. He writes:

Fairy door in Ferzie Gardens

Big Fairy Trouble at Ferzey Gardens

“So, I made my way to the school.  No sooner had I arrived than tiny voices were heard. The little things climbed onto the school roof and protested about everything from broken doors and clumsy gardeners to why they could not have tiny motorbikes. Then very nicely Grace pointed out that if the wider world new how naughty they were, they would not be allowed to go to the Chelsea Flower Show. Hearing this they all stopped their shouting because they had put a lot of work into this and the tiny Queen was planning to meet the Queen of England. So they all went to a snails house and drank him out of blueberry wine!”