Today, I  wanted to share a couple of conversations I had recently with both Susan and Mr E about the process of channeling, as they experience it.  For those who are not familiar with them, Mr E is an elven being channeled through my sister Susan.

I believe their method of channeling is  fairly rare. In their case,  Mr E actually takes over Susan’s body during the channeling process so that he, for all practical purposes, can talk with us  face to face.

To begin, here is  Susan’s description of the channeling process from her point of view:

I sit back in a chair and I lock my fingers with my two thumbs to make a heart shape ( I don’t know if this is essential but she always does it this way) and then I close my eyes and relax my body.  I take deep breaths for 30 seconds or so and I call out for Mr E and wait and listen for his response.

We have a little conversation first, to let him know what is going on and what he needs to do and then he puts his forehead to mine and, as he takes over,  my consciousness becomes “sort of numb” and I can no longer control my body.

At this point, my feeling is that I’m watching from distance, off to the side.  I can’t say anything or move anything, I can only watch and listen.  Before he leaves, he often talks to me about what happened and sort of debriefs me and then he leaves and I am back. My awareness of what has happened while he was in my body is foggy and I usually only remember bits and pieces or flashes of things that have taken place.

Next up is the conversation I recently had with Mr E on the same subject:

NL: What you and Susan do is very rare and so fascinating.  Can you describe how it is done from your point of view?

Mr E: Ok, yes, I start by sitting in a relaxed position on the floor.  I’m on a comfy pillow and my legs are crossed or sometimes I feel like just laying down entirely. And, I’m laying there and there’s nothing touching me or anything, you know, I’m completely isolated. Then I consciously come out of my body a little bit and I put my spirit forehead (third eye) right to her forehead and then we are communicating with each other.

Then, after we are communicating, then I say “ok, well now I am taking over your body, I’m going to wiggle your toes now, your toes are wiggling.” NOTE:  Susan says that this is right about where she leaves and is no longer very aware of anything.

NL: So are you conscious of your spirit going into her body?

Mr E: Kind of yes, I just sort of slip in but I’m not gone completely from my body or I’d cease to exist, my body needs to continue to work.

Ok… so you know what I was telling you about the wiggling of the toes and the fingers?  So next I say “I’m going to speak now–ahhhhhh—and here I am.” You know what I am saying?

NL: Yes, it makes sense to me.

Mr E:  It takes a while, it’s how I come in.  I check to see if everything is working – you’ll see me doing that sometimes when I am laying there.  All of a sudden, you’ll see me wiggle a foot, wiggle my hands (Susan’s, actually), shake this or that, and I realize “ok, I’m here now.” You know, I can open my eyes and I can use the body now…

NL: And where is Susan at that time?

Mr E: Oh, she’s gone, sleeping off in the distance somewhere.  She’s here, kind of–she’s still in this body, sort of, but she’s kind of unconscious–she’s here but she’s not.

NL: So, her awareness is zero?

Mr E: Sometimes, it all depends…she’s vaguely there.  She’s like someone using laughing gas. If you were to ask me something like “Does Susan know where the stapler is?” I would be able to ask her and she would be able to tell me.

NL: Yes, I have seen that happen quite a few times before…

Ok, I was wondering…are there a lot of other elves that do this?

Mr E: No, I don’t think so….I don’t really know though. (Pause) Not in my country (Fyn), anyway.

NL: But there are others that we all know are working with humans…

Mr E: Right…they might be, there might be (others channeling this way). I can’t say that I am all knowing and all seeing because I’m not.

(Pause) I don’t know of any but there might be. They might be trying–you know, once they hear that I’m doing this, you know?  Other elves may decide “oh, well that’s an idea, let’s go this way.  Let’s try to work with this idea…”
It may be…I can not say that I am definitely the only one that can do this.

NL: So you didn’t know of anyone doing this before you tried it.

Mr E: No, not at all

NL: So, what made you think you could do it?

Mr E:  Because of the connection between me and the soul of Susan–the connection between the two of us before she came into this life was the reason why we had chosen to do this.

NL: So, she chose to do this.

Mr E: Yes, she chose to do this whether she consciously knew it or not, she did know it.

NL: How did you know it was even possible to do this?

Mr E: Well, anything is possible

NL: Really?

Mr E: Well, you know, it was a crap shoot.  We said,”Let’s do this and that way and let’s have this happen here and you know, with the Goddess’ help, things will just follow into place.”

NL: Something must have told you it was possible–that’s what I am trying to get at.

Mr E:  Well, I guess it’s because we can kind of do that with each other here on this side but no one had done it interdimensionally before.

NL: Ok, that makes more sense to me now, thank you.

So, you can get into other people’s heads or bodies over there?

Mr E: If I chose to.

NL: But isn’t that kind of bad manners to say the least.

Mr E: Well, yes…sometimes it’s used for other reasons, you know manipulative reasons.

NL: But…this is usually done when two people are willing to do this?

Mr E: Right or if one is more powerful than the other.

NL: That’s not good!

Mr E: No, sometimes it’s not! (Laughs) Well, you know, my world is a little different than yours around the edges.

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