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I see a lot of talk of “3rd eye this and 3rd eye that”, and while that’s probably the most appealing in terms of association/benefit (psychic sight), there are 6 other major Chakras that are important to the functioning of the 3rd eye (brow chakra). They each benefit each other and are worthy of the same attention.

This is information I’ve learned, as well as links to more detailed sources. Please jump in and add your own information :D

What are Chakras?
The concept originates in ancient Hindu teachings. The word “chakra” means ‘spinning wheel’ because the chakras are percieved as spinning wheels of color and light. There are 7 primary chakras situated in specific points along the spine, and each control a specific part of your body’s spiritual and physical functioning. They are most commonly described as “energy centers” because each spot has a special concentration of energy that can be tapped into.

Blocked? Open/Closed?
The chakras work best when “open”, that is, working in harmony with one another. For the chakras to be open and at their best, you have to be balanced spiritually, emotionally/mentally and physically. This balance is a wheel: it comes from conciously making the right decisions (like eating healthy), as well as actively cleansing the chakras to promote these sort of “good decisions”.

There are a number of ways to help cleanse and realign the chakras, but the easiest (meaning you don’t need any external tools such as crystals) is through meditation. You can incorporate specific hand gestures called “mudras” as well as chanting certain noises that resonate within the chakras. See here:…..s/open.php (You also use those hand positions and mantras to tap into the chakras, as described there.)

When you have gone into that meditative state, begin visualizing a healing white light flooding into each chakra. Let it swirl with the chakra and clear out any energetic blockages. I like to invision breathing in white stars through the specific chakra and when I exhale this dark, murky goop or mist is leaving me.

Where are they?
I like to work from the bottom up, so that’s how I’ll go through them:

BASE CHAKRA: This chakra is situated near the tailbone, at the end of the spine. It is seen as red in color. This chakra governs vitality, sexuality, and being grounded. It is important because it provides a strong base from which the other chakras can ascend, and enables you to make sense of the energy channeled in from the higher chakras. Kundalini yoga focuses on the Base Chakra.

SACRAL CHAKRA: This chakra is located beneath the bellybutton, in the pubic region. It is orange in color. This chakra corresponds to sexuality and emotions. This chakra is important because it helps you to remain level-headed and logical in situations that you may feel very strongly emotionally about, as well as being able to open up to others.

SOLAR PLEXUS: This chakra is yellow and situated deep in the abdomen, around the bellybutton. This chakra is considered the energy center of the body, where your personal power/energy, and courage come from. It helps you to assert yourself.

HEART CHAKRA: This chakra is traditionally green (though many people like to incorporate pink) and located between the breasts, deep in the chest. This is a chakra of more refined, poignant emotions than the sacral chakra. The Heart Chakra is important for compassion, connection, and acceptance of oneself, ones environment, and others.

THROAT CHAKRA: This chakra is located, you guessed it, at the throat. It is a lighter blue in color and it governs communication. When the throat chakra is opened you are able to accurately articulate your feelings, desires, as well as process what others say, to get to the deeper meaning behind their words.

BROW CHAKRA: The ever-popular 3rd eye. This is located over the pineal gland in the brain (hence it sometimes being called the pineal chakra), between and slightly above the eyes. It is indigo and color and it governs psychic processes, such as intuition, psychic sight, and sensitivity to paranormal phenomena. This chakra helps you to see past the physical and the scientific, to get the bigger picture of a situation, and connect you with higher energies.

CROWN CHAKRA: This chakra is purple and sits on the top of the head. Of the 7, this is the ultimate connection with the world outside the self and the physical (there are a few higher crown chakras as well). This chakra is what is opened when channeling and communication with outside forces happens. This chakra governs spirituality.


The Higher Chakras: This consists of the Crown, Brow, and Throat chakra. These are the chakras associated with spiritual and non-physical matters, which is why I personally work from the bottom up, to build the right kind of fountation to handle the energy and messages brought in by the higher chakras. When these are over active, you can be flighty and prone to indulging in fantasy.

The Lower Chakras: These are the solar plexus, sacral, and base chakra. These are the connection with the physical and are important to good health. They help to process higher information so that it is usuable in the physical realm. When these are over active you may feel stunted, constantly craving something more.

The Heart Chakra is the bridge between these two, fusing the body and the spirit.

For more information please see:…..uction.php…..chart.html

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