Whenever my sister Susan or I mention that we work with a group of elves, one of the first questions we get is, “How is this possible? How does this work?” These are very fair questions so we thought we would do our best to explain how this all came about…

Before all this happened, I guess you could say we lived a fairly normal life.  I have always been into spiritual/new age type of things so meditation was a common thing for me.  Neither Susan or I thought much about fairies, elves or the fairy realm before any of this took place, it just wasn’t on our radar.

That started to change about a year before the elves came into our lives. Around this time, we started seeing a lot of strange things around the house and a lot of odd things began to happen, so much so, that we started writing them down in a notebook, probably to prove to ourselves that we weren’t losing our minds!  We would see mists in odd places, things would go missing and turn up in places we had searched several times, we heard voices, saw orbs, people in the house were touched, and lots of other reality bending things.  We were starting to realize that our world wasn’t as “normal’ as we thought it was.

Then, one day I had an unusually vivid  meditation, one that I described in a forum post in answer to a question about meeting one of the elves:

In this meditation, I found myself in a cave that was full of trash, which certainly wasn’t somewhere that I had planned to be–I was sort of going for a relaxing, uplifting, commune with nature, sort of meditation! In this cave was a very angry elven person who gestured toward the trash and said something like “this is your doing, you need to clean it up!” Well, as you might imagine,… I argued with him and refused to remove the trash (I can be stubborn). Again, he insisted and I refused and it went back and forth that way for a while.

Eventually, he decided to try a softer approach and as he talked to me, I started to see my part in the mess humans have made of the earth. Up until that moment, I hadn’t really and truly thought about doing my part to try and reduce my “footprint,” before this. But, what he said and the heartfelt way he said it got through to me and I finally decided to remove the trash from the cave. It’s funny, I don’t even remember where I put the trash but I think the important point was that I decided to take on my share of the responsibility for saving the earth.

By this time, I knew this was quite an unusual meditation …and before I came out of it, I remember asking him his name. The name he told me was a strange one, not a name I’d ever heard given to a human, in fact, I thought maybe I had misheard him and tried to come up with a better name for some reason.

A few hours later, back in the physical world, I started to sort of doubt the realness of the experience, which I think is pretty common. I was thinking about all this and flipping through a graphic arts magazine which was something I did a lot in those days. As I looked down at the page, there, in big block letters followed by an exclamation point, was the name he had told me! It really startled me, maybe shocked me a bit, but I knew instantly that he was sending me a message that he was, without a doubt, very real.

The elves would later  say that this was the “break through moment” that they had been trying for.  We now know that there were two specific elves working with us, one for each of us, and they were brothers.  The one that was working with Susan, later known as “Mr E,” had been having a lot of trouble getting through to her because she was blocking him out.  Since she was a child, she had been hearing voices in her head which made her very uncomfortable so she had developed her own method of blocking the voices out.

When I told Susan about my meditation experience, she felt open to making a connection and that was all Mr E needed to break through. Both he and Susan have told me the story of her sitting in the living room one day and hearing  his voice clearly for the first time saying “no, you’re not imagining this, this is real, go call your sister.” And that’s exactly what she did.

After that happened, we started talking with  Mr E and his brother through Susan because she was able to hear them directly whereas I usually had to go into meditation to communicate with them.  It was a very interesting time as we  tried to wrap our heads around the idea that we were communicating with elves.  Elves, of all things!

The next phase consisted pretty much us convincing ourselves that 1), we weren’t crazy and 2),  what they were saying was legitimate.  For quite a while, the elves would tell us something and we would check out the information to see if it was true.  Over and over again, we were able to verify that information they had told us–which we did not know beforehand–was true.

Around this time, Mr E became the main spokesperson, the one we usually talked with.  There were others we spoke to occasionally when we needed specific information that only they knew but basically there was Mr E.  Of course his name isn’t really Mr E,  we just use that nickname because he prefers not to have his real name known for safety reasons.    We were talking with him quite regularly now but it was kind of slow going because Susan would have to listen and then tell me what he said each time.  It seemed to take forever to get the information.  That’s when Mr E  said to Susan that he wanted them to try something different.  She was to push her consciousness to the back and compress it so that he could come directly into her body and speak with her vocal chords. It was quite amazing to see Susan, the sister that  I know so well, take on a very different personality, complete with Irish accent! Her whole demeanor changed–well of course it did because she was MR E while he was in her body.

This surprising turn of events was very helpful because it enabled us to communicate so much more efficiently and accurately.  We now know that this way of communicating is  called trance channeling and it is fairly rare, certainly extremely rare  if you consider that it involves channeling someone from the faery realm!

. . . . .

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