In a recent conversation with Mr E, he discussed his relationship with the pixie nation. I  knew that the pixies were under the protection of the elves but I didn’t really understand how interwoven their lives can be.  Here, he tells about their unique relationship including  how they  provide him with  information (both light hearted and important)  and how they entertain and  keep him company, especially when he was recuperating from an injury.  One thing is certain, he has a lot of respect for the Pixie Nation (and so do I).

Below you will find a short audio clip followed by a longer transcript of our conversation:


NL: You mentioned pixies here in Lakeside (where he is currently living while working with us), did they come from Fyn or were they native to this area?

Mr E: Some pixies came

[from Fyn] and some pixies were [already] here. They are different types of pixies.

NL: Really, what’s the difference between the two types?

Mr E: The ones here are a little bit more wild.

NL: Wild in what way?

Mr E: They are more natural.

NL: I’m trying to figure out what that means…

Mr E: Their clothes are different

NL: Less sophisticated?

Mr E: Right

NL: They wear things that they find in the forest?

Mr E: Right or they make things to wear but they aren’t as finely detailed as the clothes the pixies from Fyn wear.

NL: So, the pixies from Fyn appear to be…

Mr E: More sophisticated, like the difference between what someone might wear in a jungle setting and what someone might wear in New York.

NL: And the pixies from Fyn chose to come here too?

Mr E: Yes, because they wanted to make sure that I was going to be alright.

NL: It’s not a small thing to come here.

Mr E: No, not really that small…

NL: Well, they left their world that they knew and came to kind of a wild area

Mr E: Yes, they did and I appreciate that.

NL: Okay, you don’t talk about your relationship to them all that much…

Mr E: Well, I kind of keep that on the down low…

NL: Why?

Mr E: Well, it’s their business too, so I don’t want to, you know, say anything that they don’t want known.

NL: I’ve been contacted by them though and they really DO want to talk about who they are as opposed to what humans think they are.

Mr E: Oh, that’s for sure – humans have got it mostly wrong.

NL: Okay, so back to the two groups of pixies that you interact with–do they get along with each other?

Mr E: Yes, they talk to each other and whatnot.

NL: Where do they live?

Mr E: Well the Fynian pixies live inside here. They go outside sometimes but they prefer to live in a more sophisticated way so inside the home is better for them.

NL: Where do they stay mostly in the home?

Mr E: In the fairy houses here (we have several) and lots of different hiding spaces.

NL: Do they have a leader?

Mr E: Yes, they have a General here but they don’t have the main guys (royals).

NL: Do they see themselves as a nation? That’s the word they use to me…

Mr E: Yes, they are their own nation but like the centaurs, they are connected to us as well.

NL: Right, but they are very proud of their nation…

Mr E: Yes

NL: And they are cohesive, they are a “group” and they identify that way.

Mr E: Yes, definitely

NL: They do wish people to know that they are not frivolous or silly.

Mr E: They aren’t silly, they are very serious sometimes and just because they’re small doesn’t mean that they are powerless or insignificant or “cute.”

NL: Well, they might be cute but…

Mr E: The cuteness shouldn’t be demeaning, that’s what we’re saying.

NL: Right!

Mr E: And you don’t capture little pixies and put them in a jar or something because, if you do that, you’ve got a huge problem.

NL: Yes, for sure.

Mr E: Imagine 50,000 little people that fly and have little sharp things…

NL: (laughs) I can…and they are organized.

Mr E: Exactly! (laughs) You wouldn’t be standing for very long, you see what I am saying?

NL: Yes. I don’t know that they have ever harmed a human in that way.

Mr E: But the point is, they could if they had to. They shouldn’t be underestimated, they should be respected.

NL: Okay, so do you have some pixies that you are particularly close to?

Mr E: Yes, the pixies that live here in the house.

NL: How do you know them?

Mr E: They fly about. Sometimes they sit on the end of my foot and we converse. While I’m laid up here (he was injured recently) they keep me company.

NL: What do you talk about?

Mr E: Oh, we tell jokes back and forth or they give me little quizzes (riddles) like “what’s green and yellow and nice to a fellow?” Then I go, “ok, let me think about it,” and I come up with an answer.

NL: What was the answer to that one?

Mr E: A yellow rose – nice to a fellow because a yellow rose symbolizes friendship.

NL: Hmmm, I wouldn’t have gotten that one but then again, I’m terrible at riddles.

Mr E: You know, instead of doing your “word search” or whatever in your human world, that’s just what we do.

NL: Right, it keeps your mind sharp.

Mr E: Yes! And they tell me jokes and they tell me things that are going on. If they see something funny happening, they come back and tell me and we have a good laugh about it. I can pretty much find out anything that is going on in town just by talking to pixies.

You know, they say, “so and so likes so and so but so and so doesn’t know how to tell so and so that he likes her…”

NL: Gossip, basically.

Mr E: (laughs) Pretty much! They tell me, “and his intention today was to give this to her so she would know.” And I ask, “did it work?” (laughs) Then they reply,”well, she seemed a little confused today but she might come around.”

NL: (laughs) Strangely similar to the human world! What about their serious side?

Mr E: They’ve got a very serious side, they are very worried about this situation (that caused his injury). They do what they can because they are very incognito and they are great at keeping me posted. I get a lot of my information from them. You know, if JP (his brother in-law) is out working (on the recent problem), I hear from them what he is doing.

NL: So, it’s almost like having a radio.

Mr E: Yes, kind of like that. One flies in and another flies out. If I need to send a message,  they do that for me – kind of like a carrier pigeon.

NL: And they are glad to help?

Mr E: Oh yeah, they are always very glad to help.

Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.