A while back, I was watching an episode of Paranormal State titled “Shapeshifter” which included a segment where they captured some very unusual sounds from a woods in Maine.   On the show, they concluded that the sounds were possibly related to an entities known to Native Americans as  “coyote the trickster” which could easily be their version of unseelie.  I had Mr E look at the episode today and here’s our conversation where he gives us his impressions:

NL:  Did you hear enough to know what that is?

Mr E: Yes, I know exactly what that is. They are not very friendly creatures, they are a type of unseelie that lives in the woods–they are very savage creatures

NL: So, are they getting through the veil?

Mr E: They are either getting through the veil or they are somehow able to talk through the veil.

These are very aggressive creatures, they are very warring and they are very angry.  They sound like they have been stirred up by something or someone.  It’s as if someone has gone into the lion’s den and poked one of  them with a stick -that’s basically the reaction you are hearing. This is the noise they make when they are very upset and they are going to retaliate in whatever way they can figure out to do it.

NL: I think this may have had something to do with misuse of the land, etc.

Mr E:  I would definitely say yes, it is the unseelie.  You know, as a small child, a wee child growing up elven,  we are taught to avoid these creatures because we hear them all the time.  “Oh, they’re upset about something in that direction, I’ll be riding off in this direction instead,” you know.  You learn to respect them in a way…

NL:  Like staying away from a hornet’s nest? So…they’ll be okay unless you do something to make them mad?

Mr E:  Right, but it’s very easy to upset them, you know. They are also very intelligent and that makes it much more difficult to avoid them.

Here is a brief clip taken from Paranormal State with the sounds of the unseelie on it:

Note: I know there are varying opinions about the validity of Paranormal State in general but  I do think the sounds they recorded were genuine.