Yesterday, I spoke with JP, an elf who is related to Mr E by marriage and rules a neighboring country. We spoke for over two hours on many topics but, since he is known for his magical abilities, I also took this opportunity to ask him some basic questions about the two types of magic he works with.

We will have more from JP in our next podcast, coming soon.–nl

NL: What was your first introduction to magic?

JP: As a child, magic was one of those things the big adults could do that I couldn’t. I remember my father showing me how to make a sparkly thing before my very eyes.  I was fascinated by that and we’d have long discussions about the responsibilities of this magic and the knowledge behind it. You know, not just anybody should know these things, you have to be careful.

NL: I remember Mr E saying his people aren’t allowed to learn powerful magic until those who are in charge of teaching it check their personalities carefully and find them suitable.

JP: Exactly, not just any elf will be able to learn this skill.  This isn’t common “elfness,” contrary to what many humans believe.  Not every elf is magical.

NL: However, they can certainly see energies that most humans can’t.

JP: Yes, on a basic level like that, they are more magical than humans.  But, if you are talking about the magic that I know, not every elf is privy to that.

NL: Why not?

JP: If they were, there would be total chaos. It’s a safety consideration and this level of knowledge is generally given only to royals.

NL: Isn’t that kind of like not letting the population have guns because they might rise up?

JP: No, it’s not the fear of an uprising, it’s the fear that they might damage themselves or each other.

NL: How many years are you required to study this before you can really be proficient at it?

JP: You start young and it’ll take a good 20 years of studies to learn the ins and outs of each of the energies and how to work and manipulate them.

NL: Is the information you learn wide-ranging?  For instance, do you learn a lot about herbs?

JP: It’s very wide-ranging, it has a lot to do with herbs sometimes but that depends on what kind of magic we’re talking about. If you’re talking about direct, physical magic that is right there in front of you, then yes. You can use the elements of this species of herb and that species of herb and mix those two energies together to create a result.

NL: Recently I listened to an older audio where you were talking about two different kinds of magic, physical and line magic.

JP: Yes I’m talking about the physical magic right now.

NL: What is physical magic?  How would we perceive it if we were in your realm?

JP: Physical magic is used with physical objects which include people, animals, and structures.  It’s used within your eyesight range, it’s physically there, and you are physically affecting something within a [relatively small] physical area.

NL: Can you give me an example of something that would be physical magic?

JP: If I was to use a crystal staff…

NL: A wooden staff with a crystal on top?

JP: Yes but sometimes they use metal instead of wood.  If I used that and directed energy toward something, I could, for example, levitate it.

NL: So, using Gandalf as a familiar example, there would be energy coming out of the staff causing the result you wanted.

JP: That’s right, exactly.  It’s physical, it’s right there.

NL: Do you have to have a staff to be able to work this type of magic?

JP: I prefer to do it that way.  It’s possible to do it using just your hands but it’s easier using the staff.  It’s a matter of how much effort you want to put forth, you know?  It’s a tool.  For example, you could make fire by rubbing sticks together but it would be a lot faster and easier to use a lighter, you see what I’m saying?  It’s like that.

NL: I see, how about the other kind of magic? It’s called line magic, right?

JP: Yes, it’s called line magic, at least that’s what we call it, and it forgoes space and time. To work this magic, you don’t have to be right there with the person involved at all. It goes beyond all of that using the energy threads that connect people to each other.
I could send you something and you could send me something and that’s basically where it’s coming from.

NL: What I’m trying to figure out is, let’s say I want to send you something but you weren’t nearby.  Could I send it through Susan to you?

JP: You can send it directly to me.

NL: I guess my question is, do you use multiple people sometimes to send things?

JP: Sometimes you can if you don’t know the person very well.  Like, for instance, let’s say a friend is having trouble with another person and you only know the person’s name.  Then, you would go through your friend to reach that other person.

NL: Is it common to go through a thread like that, using more than one step?

JP: Yes, there could be many steps and sometimes, when you’re meditating, your consciousness will go along that journey.

NL: You mean, if you’re looking for a particular person?

JP: Exactly, you go through all the threads (connections), “I’ll have to go this way and then I’ll go this way,” and so on.  A lot of us are connected together and have a lot of threads and the more threads you have, the more people you can touch.

However, if you don’t know somebody personally, then you aren’t connected to them. For example, even though someone knows of a certain celebrity, if they’ve never met them and don’t know anyone who has, then they don’t really have that thread(connection).

NL: OK so, now that we know the pathways, what are you capable of doing with this line magic?  What kind of options are there?

JP: A lot.

NL: There are?  It seems as though you would have the ability to heal or hurt.

JP: It’s got both positive and negative advantages on both ends of the connection.  You have to realize, if they’re smart enough to know you’re using line magic on them, they can send it right back to you.  It’s a two-way street.

NL: How often are you found out?

JP: It depends on who you’re messing with.

NL: Does it depend on how much power and awareness they have?

JP: Yes. If it’s another royal who has power, you may not want to mess with that. If you are doing something negative, it would be smart to tread carefully.  If it’s something positive, that is always welcome.

NL: Is this similar to what Mr. E has talked about when he walks down his street and sends positive energy to people he meets along the way?

JP: Yes, exactly, especially if you know them.

NL: So, actually, humans could do this as well.

JP: Yes, I think they could and I think some of them already know of it. There are some among you who are wise enough to know of this and they’ve talked about it.  Obviously, it’s still not commonplace in your world.

NL: What is the advantage to line magic, how is it useful in one’s life?

JP: Well, you don’t have to go far away to accomplish something.

NL: Can you give me an example of something you would do using line magic?

JP: Let’s say you heard of someone who is ailing and needs to be healed. Using line magic, you can send your line out there to help heal them.

NL: How effective it is it?

JP: It depends on how powerful you are, the more powerful, the more effective it is.

NL: Often, people in our world will send energy to others, you know, “I’m sending you light, I’m sending you love.” That’s a form of line magic, isn’t it?

JP: Yes, it is and the results they get would depend on that person’s focus, belief, and power.

Most humans would call this prayer but they send it a different way, they send it to a higher power. For the most part, they tend to think the power is coming from the one, almighty, supreme being.

We are more personal in our approach, we realize the power is flowing through all of us.

Who is Mr E?

He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.