"The Fairy Ring", Real Fairy Art by Vladislav Pantic

"The Fairy Ring"

I am very excited to introduce fairy artist Vladislav Pantic to Real Fairies! Vladislav is a renowned artist from Belgrade, Serbia. Born in 1985, at 26 years old he has already exhibited some of his paintings in the National Gallery of Belgrade and illustrated two books: The Golden Illuminati, and The Last European Shamans.

Specializing in drawing and painting fairies, Vladislav has been creating his own artistic style since he was a boy. He says, “My mother told me the first thing I grabbed was a pencil.” Since then he has taught himself to draw and paint, creating amazingly photorealistic fairy portraits and lifelike landscapes.

Vladislav says when he is working on a painting he uses a model for reference, then adds the Fae energy and emotion he is connecting with to give his art work a magical feel which I have experienced from looking at his paintings. I especially appreciate how Vlad masters the details and captures the essence of each character he paints. He portrays the elderly with acceptance, peaceful and content, while the children he paints feel exuberant and mischievous.

To better explain Valdislav’s background and artistic process, I have included a conversation we  had recently:

How old were you when you started interacting with the Fairy Realm?

Vladislav: I don’t know exactly when the faeries entered in my life, but I remember one very interesting occasion when I was about four or five years old, when I first saw Disney’s Fantasia, “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” sequence. The first few starting notes of the melody touched me so deep.  At that time it sounded very familiar…It awakened memories that I couldn’t verbalize yet. Later, I realized that Tchaikovsky reminded me of something that would become a big part of my life in the future.

What ways do you communicate with the Fae? Do you communicate with them through dreams or mediation for example?

Vladislav: Frankly, I rarely communicate with them in my dreams. Most of my experiences came from a meditative state. I’ve never been a fan of any religion so I spontaneously learned how to have a deep breath, close my eyes, calm my mind and listen to the song of the faerie universe.

Is there any belief in the Fae in Serbian culture? In your family?

Vladislav: Serbian folk-lore is full of this old stories about beautiful but cruel women that punishes disrespectful passengers and dance under the moonlight. I am the one who planted the seed of belief in the family and my environment.

What inspired you to start painting the Fae? Were they asking you to paint them, or is a favorite subject?

Vladislav: Actually that happened spontaneously. I’ve always been fascinated by old stories, folk tales, and legends. I just synchronized my interest with the artistic development. They are all real and you can communicate with them as well.

Do you have any advice for people who are having trouble communicating with the Fairy Realm?

Vladislav: I’m not sure if I’m competent in giving advice, but I can say that those problems are highly individual. It depends on so many aspects. Karma, unconscious belief system, prejudice, but most of all – fear!! Fear is the greatest enemy in our spiritual journey. We all need to learn how to overcome fear with KNOWLEDGE. With knowledge the fear is gone.  It is also important to understand that we are all born with a specific karmic burden. Some of us can feel it, see it, or hear it easier, and some of us need some time. Fortunately or unfortunately we are not equal, we are all different. Only love from the Source (call it what you like) is given equal to everyone, unconditionally. Discipline and self-perseverance are the core values that can help us in fulfilling our goal. ”If we are persistent enough, we can do the dream!”  At least that’s what I think and what my experience taught me.

To view Vladislav Pantic’s artwork and more visit his blog here.