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I mentioned in our 2015 post that I  would be sharing bits and pieces of interviews I am doing with Mr E as we go through the process of writing  our first book together.  The upcoming book will not be in interview form, he is going to be telling his story in the first person, but sometimes I get curious and ask a question here and there which turns out to be worth sharing.

Today, I am sharing a quick conversation we had when I was wondering, “What defines an elf?  Who are they, essentially?”  Here is our conversation:

NL: Could you explain the basic differences between human and elves.  In other words, what is essence of being an elf?

Mr E: What characterizes us

[elves] is the fact that we are very conscious about everything. I think that’s what you would say is the big difference between an elf and a human. We are conscious about everything that we do in our everyday, ordinary lives.

Humans aren’t like that.  They  say things like, “eh, I’ve got to go to the grocery store,” like it’s the most boring, tedious thing in the world.  For us, it would be, “Oh! We are going to the grocery store! We get to see all these other food-like things that people have prepared, isn’t this wonderful!”  In our view, we appreciate the grocery store more than the human would.

NL: Would you appreciate it as much if it was part of your everyday life?

Mr E:  Even if it was part of our everyday life, it’s still–that’s somebody’s product there. Especially, if it’s in our world, it’s handmade.  It has more energy towards it, and somebody milked their cow by hand to get that milk, you know what I mean? It’s a difference in appreciation.

NL:  There must be something about being human that causes us to lose our  appreciation after a while.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that humans don’t sense things and see energy patterns the way the elves do.

Mr E: Right, exactly. I think with the elves, the body itself may be tweaked a little bit differently, the brain might be tweaked a little bit differently

NL: Elves seem to be more connected spiritually as well.

Mr E: Yes, we  tend to be closer to our god/goddess than you are here because we know them by name and can see them anytime we want. They are not far away, they’re not disconnected from us, they are right here. There’s a big difference.

NL:  The connection you have with things…

Mr E: We are connected to everything and humans as a rule tend to be so disconnected. Humans disconnect themselves on purpose sometimes through the use of drugs, computers, you name it.

NL: Are you proud to be an elf?

Mr E: Well, yes!

NL: Why, what are you proud of?  Your nation?

Mr E: My nation that I help guide, yes. I’m not your ordinary elf so…

NL:  I’m trying to get at what the essence of an elf is.

Mr E:  The essence of an elf is universal respect which many humans seem to severely lack as a whole. Respect, along with appreciation.

NL: Is respect related to appreciation?

Mr E: Yes, it’s part of appreciation. It’s like, “Oh, I’m grateful for that being there, I  truly understand what that is…

NL: You understand on a deeper level than most humans could, though.

Mr E: Exactly. Take your dog River, for example.  I can see that he’s not just a dog. To me, there’s a spirit there with a kind heart. He’s a jovial fellow and he’s quite a fighter and very  protective. There’s a lot to him, he isn’t “just a dog.” A human would probably just see a sleeping dog–I’m talking about most humans, not all humans.

I see beyond that, I see a great dog, restoring his energy, you see what I am saying?  It’s all in the perception.  It’s elven perception and I think that this is truly what I am here for–to wake up people and show them what the real perception is and snap them out of their human doldrums. Look, that isn’t just a dog, that is a sleeping dog who has all these other attributes.  (Looking around the room) That isn’t just a gourd, those aren’t just clothes…

NL: In what way?

Mr E: Those are clothes worn by you and they have your energies and magic around them. I can see that, I can see your lingering essences and I know that those are your clothes. And, you chose those…

NL: How would you convey this to people to get them to really understand it since they can’t see it? Or can they?

Mr E: I guess they can see it through my eyes. You know, when I say, this is that, that is this…it’s my way of seeing things.  For instance, that isn’t a (baby) gate, that’s a barrier.  That’s a physical energy field that prevents toddlers from running through. It’s not just a plastic gate, it’s more than that.

NL: Everything is more than that, isn’t it?

Mr E: Yes! Everything is more than that, that is the key right there. Everything is more than what you [humans] think it is. Things are more than just their simple, slight description, elves put a long description in everything.

NL: So how about this rock, for instance.

Mr E: What kind of rock?

NL: There’s one up there with a symbol on it

Mr E: Then, it’s a magical symbol rock that holds this particular power and energy

NL: Even say, a table?

Mr E: Even a table. This table is your focusing area, it’s your magic area, your magic table, your altar. To you, it’s a table, to me, it’s an altar, where you’re working your magic.  You see what I’m saying? It’s a perception.

NL: What this also does is give specialness to things that we think are mundane. And, when you have specialness, don’t you have more energy?

Mr E: Yes, it’s more powerful, you are more connected to the energy and everything is more powerful.  Pretty interesting, huh?

NL: Yes, definitely.

Mr E: Maybe we should go into this more in the next book even. To explain to people how to see and live like this.

NL: And maybe once they are aware of it, they can sort of “feel” it.

Mr E: Right, I’m sure they can feel it. I know humans can, I know some can.

NL: If you concentrate on it you will be able to feel it if you know it’s there. Plus, being more connected makes you more powerful, and your life becomes easier, happier even. Wow…that’s really interesting.

Mr E: Pretty deep, huh?

NL: It’s very deep and the truth is, the world has so much more dimension than most of us (humans) think.

Mr E: It is deep, that’s the whole thing, we are a deep people.

NL:  So, that’s what I’ve been trying to uncover.  The essence of being an elf is…

Mr E: Elves are deep people.

NL: They are and they also have…

Mr E: …a high code of living.  They will not do this or that because it goes against their grain. For example, no, they won’t shove people out into the middle of traffic.  It’s the truth, it’s the core truth.

NL: So what is their core truth?  How do you put that into words?

Mr E: It’s a lot of words, a lot of words, a book worth.

NL: So we need to work on that, too.

Mr E: And, this is about my kind of elves, not all elves.

NL: Yes, that goes without saying. This is what it means to be  Fynian elf or a “Group of Eight” elf.

Mr E: Yes, the way we think and the reason we are doing this…

NL: Exactly!  Why on earth would you care otherwise.

Mr E: We wouldn’t, there are many that don’t.

NL: Maybe part of the book we are working on should include why you decided humans needed to be protected. What was it  that made you decide this when there are other elven groups who don’t care (neutral), along with  others that really want to destroy humanity.

Mr E: Right! And the funny part is that I understand their desire to destroy them. I acknowledge their frustration and the agony that they go through. They’re thinking, “well, it would just be simpler to (snaps fingers) to get rid of them.”  It’s ironic because it could be argued that the extermination solution is common, human-like thinking .

NL: Yes, that’s how some humans think but there are higher minded humans.

Mr E: Yes, exactly but this particular group (dark elves) thinks that it’s the best thing [to destroy them all] and I’m saying, “no, no, no!”

NL: And the reason that your people have come to this conclusion is built on the same things we’ve  been talking about.

Mr E: Exactly, we’re focused on the good  part of humanity. There are good people out there and those people need to be protected  so that humanity can go on to produce more people like them.

NL: So, now here’s a hard question.  If you could eliminate all the problem humans, the ones that drag humanity down, would you?

Mr E: Now, see, this is another thing…..I don’t feel it is my job to do that and that is my opinion about that.  I feel that they are all walking around doing their business, learning their lessons on their own special level and I am not to interfere with that.

Humanity needs to be more aware and once they are more aware, life will be better for them and for us. Really, the thing is to have a deeper awareness, just like what we have been talking about.

NL: For example, understanding what energies you are really surrounded by, not just what it looks like on the surface.

Mr E: Exactly, because you’ve barely scratched the surface, basically.  There’s so much more to tell you.

NL: I think this is your destiny

Mr E: This is our destiny.

NL:  When you were a child you were told by a dragon what you would be doing in the future.

Mr E: Yes, he told me I’d have a great job to do…

NL: …and this is it–you’re doing it!

Mr E: Of course! You can’t say no to a dragon, can you?

Who is Mr E?

He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.