The Elven / Faery Star

Hi Everyone, Natalie here…

Just wanted to let you know that we didn’t  fall into a black hole or something– we  just got  real busy with our work, the classes we are giving locally (at the Higher Self) and some things we are working on for Real Fairies.  I’m really sorry we kind of left you guys hanging for a couple weeks–I really hate that and I promise you, it won’t happen again!

On the positive side, we now have quite a few items added to our Real Fairies Store –whew, lots of work–and we (Susan and I and the Elves) feel really good about each one of them.   There will be more fairy/elven items added in the near future too and we are very excited about that.

Mr. E–one of the Elves of Fyn–was busy answering some of your posts with us today so we will be able to start posting those answers,  and our answers, for you today and tomorrow.

We also have some great ideas for new posts so please keep an eye out for them!

Thanks for hanging in there with us – we really enjoy our conversations with you and are looking forward to getting back to it!

All the best!