Because there is so much interest, Mr E recently sat down to talk with me about the Group of Eight which were formed of eight seelie nations in his world.  During the discussion, he lists which land masses in our world comprise the eight in his world.  They are, in no particular order:

  1. Australia and New Zealand
  2. Iceland
  3. Denmark and part of Germany (Mr E’s country,  Fyn)
  4. United States and Canada
  5. Brazil
  6. The United Kingdom
  7. The rest of Germany, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Luxembourg,  and Belgium
  8. Norway, Sweden and Finland

As you might expect, he wasn’t exactly brimming with details–probably for security reasons–but hopefully there will be something in this audio that you didn’t know before you listened.  At one point he says something like “that’s right there where those boys are at” and he is referring to the new fae on the forum (Nevermore, et al) who are located, in Ireland, I believe.

As a side note, Susan was rather ill with vertigo from a virus during this recording (which you can hear in her voice) so Mr E wasn’t at his best.  In fact, the first audio here is  Mr E talking–with a bit of humor– about how dizzy he is.  I thought I would include this so you can experience the  lighter side of Mr E but also so that you can see that sometimes, the process of channeling is anything but glamorous.:)  Hope you enjoy!