Hello again!

It seems that elves can be quite unpredictable. . . sometimes, I am prepared to ask some of the many questions that you guys have when, for reasons I can only guess at, the conversation goes in a completely unrelated direction.  At that point, all I can do is go along with it and see if we can learn something interesting!  So, today,  I have some more miscellaneous and unrelated clips of Mr E to share with you:

1)  Here is a silly moment–just one of the many that we have–where Mr E eats a small solid chocolate Easter egg for the first time and it turns out to be more difficult that one would think!:)


2) I think this clip is the result of Mr E joking about going back in time which made me wonder if it was possible for him to do so.


3)  There are many questions about what will happen when the two worlds are finally back together so here is a discussion Mr E and I had about that and some of the problems that may be involved.


4)  You will see an intense and serious side to Mr E here as he discusses the unseelie.  I know a lot of  people are wondering if the unseelie are just misunderstood and misrepresented and maybe this will help clarify things for you (or not!). But in any case,  on this clip you will hear exactly how Mr E feels about them–he makes that pretty clear.   When  you are hearing his intensity, it might help to remember that there is a serious conflict between the seelie and the unseelie and not just an ideological one, but one which has resulted in many lives lost.