Well hello!

I finally got some time to upload some clips from a conversation that Mr E and I had fairly recently.  I asked him some questions that were on the “Ask Me E” forum section and I got some answers plus a few other bits of info that I thought might be interesting.  Here they are:

1)  Mr E talks about being able (or not able) to see elves through the veil –

mr_e_on _seeing_elves_through_the_veil

2)  Here he discusses some differences between his world and ours –


3)  This clip is in direct response to a question about how elves get around –


4)  This is also in direct response to a question about what his day is like.  He didn’t really go into great detail here but I thought you might find it interesting –


5) This last one  is Mr E discussing  the basic difference between humans and elves.  I don’t think it was in response to a specific question but more of a thought he had while discussing something else (a common event!).