A couple of months ago, the Elves of Fyn gave me the following outline on how to live your life with intent and purpose.  They intend to expand on each of the seven steps as time goes on if any of you are interested–


1)  Resolve to live an intentional life, one with purpose.

Do not be a leaf floating down the river at the mercy of any snags or pockets of debris.   Be instead the commander of your own vessel, a director of your own life.

2) Simplify your life.

Remove unimportant or distracting elements from your life. Beware of black holes and energy vampires –remove these elements that suck away your energy and do not further your purpose.  You must be merciless in the culling of the unnecessary elements.  Make sure everything that is a strong part of your life is there because you intend for it to be there.

3) Break down your life into a list of intended elements.

Include elements that you have and those you have yet to attain. State what you want in your life in a bold and fearless way. Embrace your life, do not shrink from it.

4) Map your goals.

Start at your beginning and map your life to the desired destinations.  Use a vision board to enhance your focus.

5) Surround yourself with supporting elements.

Sculpt your environment to support your destinations and goals.

6) Live your life as you wish it to be.

Live your intentions.  Use magic, be magic.

7) Make this a part of your life, do it every day.

Do not live a life of reaction, live a robust life of action, intent, and purpose.