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Here’s a conversation I had with Mr. E, one of the Elves of Fyn,  about the real dragons that live in his realm.  I know many of you are interested in learning more about them so here is the interview below.–Natalie

Who Are the Dragons?

NL: Can you give me some general information about the dragons you are familiar with?

Mr E:  Dragons that exist in my realm are extremely clever and can outsmart just about anyone or anything, including Elves.

They live in the faery realm and are somewhat aloof, preferring the company of other dragons rather than socializing with other types of beings. Certainly, there are dragon’s who have their own agenda and decide to live alone but usually, dragons like to hang around other dragons.

They are territorial, you know, so they tend to want their own space and their own things to themselves and you will usually find them only sharing their territory with their mate and their family.  They occasionally like to mingle with dragons in other territories but they spend most of their time in their own territories.

Humans and Dragons

NL:  Many humans are fascinated with the possibility that dragons are real and want to connect with them. Is that something that they will do? Do dragons reach out to humans?

Mr E: They can reach out but they will pick and choose as it suits them for their purposes and for what information they want out there.

NL: What is their motivation?

Mr E: Well, there is a grand motivation for all of us – to save the earth.

NL:  Are dragons on the side of the eight?

Mr E:  There are good dragons and bad dragons.  The good ones are on our side and the bad ones are on the Unseelie side, so  it’s like “the clash of the dragons.”

Dragon Wisdom

NL:  What can humans expect to get from a relationship with a dragon?

Mr E: They have a vast amount of knowledge.

NL:  What type of things do they know?

Mr E: Dragons know everything.  They have supernatural abilities that would just blow your mind. Instead of having someone just read your mind, they can read everything and they will know you entirely within seconds.

NL:   In the legends I have read concerning dragons, the human hero attempts to match wits with a dragon and they often have to resort to some type of trickery to win.

Mr E:  They will beat you every time because they know more than you do.  They will tell you things that make you go “Oh my God!”  They are almost like the god-head of intelligence, that’s how  very intelligent they are.  Their sensories (sensing abilities) are just out of this world. Every scale on their body picks up information from all around them.  It would be a sensory overload for a human, it’s as if you could touch a piece of wood and know what forest it was living in, how many years it lived, and what its feelings were before it died. For example, see this piece of metal here?  A dragon could tell you how it was made, what it is made of, what it was used for and who touched it last.

Connecting With Dragons

NL:  Do you interact with dragons?

Mr E:  Well, I visit them every once in a while to ask them a question or two about something.  When I’m feeling upset and confused—exasperated—I go to the dragon and he/she will say “Oh, you do this and that and the other thing,”  and it solves the problem. They will help you out because they are concerned about the earth too.  The dark dragons wouldn’t care to help, of course.

NL: Do they speak out loud?

Mr E:  Some can, others use telepathy.

NL:  Could a human go into the fairy realm through meditation and look for a dragon to communicate with there?

Mr E:  You could, you could try that but you have to make sure you have the right one.

NL: How do you know?

Mr E:  Well you don’t go looking for any black dragons…

NL:  Is it really just about the color?

Mr E:  It’s more than that. It’s because of what they are–their color becomes them.  Their energy is black.

NL:  So a white dragon would be a good one to work with…

Mr E:  Yes, or a green one, green is good to work with.  Even red dragons seem to be all right but they seem to be a bit moodier than the other ones.

NL: Is that all the colors?

Mr E:  There is a purple dragon.  Sometimes their skin is iridescent and they can change their color like a chameleon and they can camouflage themselves.  In bright light, the iridescence almost sparkles and shows multi colors like some birds do.

The Truth Behind Dragon Myths

NL:  Is it true dragons are obsessed with jewels and treasure?

Mr E:  Oh yes, they love shiny things.  They take the Elven/fairy love of shiny things to an extreme where they have a hoard of shiny things.  It’s just one of the little things that they do.  And sometimes, they don’t like humankind to have these things because it corrupts them.  

NL:  Do dragons really breathe fire?

Mr E:  Oh yes. It has something to do with a chemical their body produces and, when this substance hits oxygen, it comes out as fire.  They can control this but sometimes, like with a sneeze, it just happens to come out.

NL: What are some dragon traits besides wisdom?

Mr E:  Strength, because there is nothing that can defeat a dragon unless you know where their vulnerable soft spot is and each one is different.  Before you can discover its weakness, you must get to know the dragon and even then it’s not an easy thing to discover.  However, some dragons can be overconfident and arrogant because they are so intelligent and powerful. That’s because, other than another dragon, they rarely, if ever, come across anything that is threatening to them.

NL:  Well, were they ever in our world?  Because if they were, humans obviously found a way to handle them.

Mr E:  Yes, humans did finally find a way to eliminate the dragons, and that is why they left your world and came back to our world where they remain to this day.

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