faery_faith_bead Early last week, Mr E. sat down and talked to me about what is going to happen in 2012 and he was very intense and excited to share this with us.  Hope you enjoy it!–Natalie

NL:  Can you tell us what you believe is going to happen in 2012?

Mr E:  2012 is a beginning of a major transition that will bring the elven world back together with the human world and the two will become one.  This transition is already beginning now but it will become much more apparent as time nears 2012.  A lot of this will be due to circumstances (which I will not go into at this time) that will strengthen the belief in the fae. Something that has been blocking people from believing in the first place will be going away and the more people that  believe that we exist, the more the veil will rise.

NL:  So, there’s a connection between the amount of belief in faery and the strength of the veil?

Mr E:  Yes, belief will weaken it and eventually knock it out entirely.   Originally, we constructed the veil but the lack of belief has held it firmly in place. Now, the more people believe, the more we will be able to coexist, and  the weaker the veil will become.

NL: Let’s just say this happens and the veil is thin or gone, that doesn’t mean humans get to go into the faery realm does it?

MrE:  No, it makes the two realms one.  The two realms will become one but that doesn’t mean that your technology goes away…

NL:  What does that mean exactly?  What is the world going to look like in 2012?

Mr E:  It’s not going to happen all at once but it is going to start to happen in 2012.  I’m not saying it’s like “tah dah!” the two worlds become one. (laughs) Make sure you have a room for me–I need a place to sleep cuz I’m packin’ me bags!  No, it’s not going to happen like that.

NL:  So, just to clarify, in 2012, you are not going to walk through the veil, right?

Mr E:  No, I’m not going to be walking through the veil (between the worlds) in 2012. I’m going to be stuck on the other side of the veil for quite a while but the shift is going to begin.

NL:  But that could take a hundred years, right?

Mr E:  It could take a hundred years, it could take shorter or longer than that, it depends on humanity and how much we can push from the other side. Regardless, there is going to be a shift and things are going to change.

In 2012, elves will begin to be less fable and more fact and the truth will come out. Why do you think there are others talking to the fae and getting the same basic information?

NL:  I know why…because it is true.

Mr E: Exactly! And people are going to be seeing that, that’s what I’m saying, (claps hands with each word for emphasis) the truth will  come out.

This time is very important for you (humanity).  The magical power that is going to be out there will be enormous.  There’s going to lots of power in the air itself, magical power, because of what is going on physically to the planet.

NL:  How will that be of use to us?

Mr E: You are going to have more ability to bring things to you. However only those that believe and know how to use it will be able to wield that power.

NL: Is this  going to start in 2012 or is it already starting a  little?

Mr E:  It is already starting to a small extent now but in 2012 it will become very apparent to you what is going on. As far as the doomsday prophesies go, all is not lost, it is very hopeful, that’s what we go with, that is what we believe.  We don’t believe that it is going to be a negative outcome because we (the elves/seelie) are not going to let it be.

NL:  So, in the United States, for example, life will pretty go on as it was before except those who are able to do magic will be getting much better results, is that right?

Mr E:  There will be a quickening – magic will be more accessible to humans who know how to use it. The results will come to them at a much faster rate than they do right now and it will be much easier for them to “snap” what they want into reality.

NL:  What comes to my mind then is that people will need to know the proper and best ways to create with magic, right? Isn’t there some type of preparation that needs to take place so that people don’t create things accidently as well?

Mr E:  Yes, you know there is a dark side and a light side to magic.  There are things you don’t want to be doing because if you  do, it will now come back on you instantly and perhaps twice as hard.  People will need to know how to create magic purposefully and not create it accidently.

NL:  So that is what you (The Elves of Fyn) are going to be focusing on next year?

Mr E:  Yes, (laughs) and probably the years after that too!