Ok, some people use the word “fairy” and others use “faery”, so why the different spellings?

Here’s the story–while both were derived from the same root word “fae,” the word “fairy” is often used to refer to the small winged, Victorian, pixie type fairy.  This would include fairies in fairytales, children’s stories and Disney characters such as Tinkerbell.  These fairies tend to be gentle and kind, maybe a bit mischievous and tempermental, but nothing too scary.

The word “faery,” usually refers to be a more adult type faery, the legendary faery with origins in the ancient times and places. These “faeries” are not necessarily sweet and cute and playful all the time.  In fact, some of these faeries can be quite scary and dangerous. Little pixies are part of the faery realm but the population of their world varies greatly from being human sized to being very small and wings are definitely not required. Truthfully, these are the “real” faeries that you were probably looking for when you came to this site in the first place.  With links to the Druids, early witchcraft, earth spirits, elementals, the seelie and unseelie, and encompassing many different types and races, these faeries are the real deal.

That having been said, since we are talking about REAL FAIRIES here, we will probably use the words interchangeably.  The reason for this is that the majority of people searching for information in search engines today are spelling the word f-a-i-r-y.  Unfortunately,  if we use the word faery in our blog titles and posts, the search engines would not list us and you would probably never have found us in the first place. So for us, when we are blogging and trying to communicate with people who are looking for the information we have to offer, it doesn’t matter if it is spelled fairy or faery–they’re still fascinating and they’re still very real!