Handmade Fairy House

If you want to encourage fairies to visit you, try putting a fairy house in a place of honor in your home.  A fairy house not only shows fairies that you believe in them, it also shows that you are inviting them to spend time in your fairy-friendly home.  Many fae (fairies) appreciate the special places you set aside for them and will be drawn in to take a closer look.

A while back I had this conversation about fairy houses with Queen Emerald, the Pixie queen of Fyn:

NL:  What would be a good way for humans wanting to connect with you to get your attention. Right now, they are trying things like fairy houses…

Queen Emerald: That always amuses us.

NL: Does it? It amuses you?

Queen Emerald: Uh-huh.

NL: Do you spend time in them?

Queen Emerald: Yes! If we are in the area, we do, yes. You have quite a few houses over there.

NL: Yes, we do.

Queen Emerald: We love those. We consider that homage to us and we consider that respect. We like respect.

NL: So, if you see someone with a fairy house, you might take a closer look to see if they are the type of person that would interest you?

Queen Emerald: Yes, that would draw our attention.

Beyond attracting fairies, your fairy house can also serve as a place to leave gifts for fairies, and a place to conduct your fairy magic.  Here, you can fly the fairy flag, display little fairy shoes, and leave little things you think they might enjoy such as a thimble of honey, fairy cakes or even a little ale!  However, there is one caveat—never have iron anywhere near the fairy house as fairies are always careful to avoid iron.

Your fairy house design can be as fancy or as simple as you wish.  If possible, it’s best if you make it from natural materials that you have found in nature or have on hand if you are a crafter.  The house pictured above was constructed of scrap wooden boards with twigs and copper added as decorative elements.  I used copper because it is a favorite fairy metal and very attractive to them.

Fairy houses don’t have to be hard to make. You can use an empty oatmeal container for a base, paint it and add moss, leaves or twigs for decoration. I made the little pixie house below from a card stock base with moss, bay leaves, and a few twigs added for the windows and rooftop decor.  It may look difficult to make but all it took was a couple hours, the above items, a glue gun and it was done!

Once you have your fairy house in place, make sure you occasionally greet them and send them some positive thoughts.  It won’t be long before you realize you have some new visitors to your home!

A perfect place for pixies.

A perfect place for pixies.