My sister Susan has written this post on communicating with fairies–

Hello,  I would like to talk about something most people would probably think was impossible.  I communicate with the fairy realm and I think it is quite possible for other people to learn to do this as well.

First of all, it’s important to understand that for me, I hear the fae speaking in my head, not with my ears.  The communication comes like a thought in your head that you know wasn’t your thought to begin with.  Like I said before, I think other people can learn to do this but it requires a little preparation beforehand, especially when you are just beginning, so here’s what I suggest:

We have a post here that goes over some great ways to attract the fae into your world so go and read it and do whatever you feel would work best for you. There’s no sense in trying to talk to someone who isn’t even there, is there?

Communication will work best if you are in a relaxed, open state of mind so go to a quiet, comfortable place and take a few relaxing deep breaths.   You might want to put on some soothing music, light a candle or some incense–anything that will quiet your mind and body.  The goal here is to have your mind cleared of all static so it will be easier to hear what they are saying.

The power that comes from crystals can strengthen communication and increase your chances of hearing voices from the fairy realm. I recommend holding a quartz crystal if you have one because, in my experience, it helps focus the communication and makes it clearer.  Moldavite is another great stone to use for this purpose and it is very powerful.  Since Moldavite is a meteorite and not orginally from our world, it is great to use when trying to communicate with other realms.

Herbs can sometimes be useful in strengthening communication too.  I think (and the Elves agree) that Mugwort is one of the best herbs to use for this purpose so give it a try.  You can hold it in your hand or put it in a pouch and wear it around your neck–just experiment and see what works best for you.

Now down to the actual communicating with the fae. Remember they are not completely like humans–they are super sensitive to what you say so choose your words carefully.

Ok, once you are pretty sure they are nearby and you are relaxed and ready, start by introducing yourself.  I usually say something like, “Hi I’m Susan, I know that fairies exist and I sense you here.  What is your name?”  Listen carefully for an answer and try not to doubt the response you receive in your head.  It may take a few tries before you get a response but fairies are very curious and they will definitely draw closer and see if you are for real.  Once they see that you are sincere, they will usually respond.

If, after giving it a good try, you are still unable to hear them, there are other ways of communicating. I always think it is a good idea to tell them out loud that you sense them–if you do, of course.  I usually follow this by saying that I am leaving something especially for them, something shiny is always a good bet. Before too long, you might find something missing because they love to play practical jokes by taking and hiding things you use a lot like keys or glasses.  Sure enough,  if you demand (as nicely as possible) that they put it back,  you will find the lost item soon, right about where you thought it was in the first place!

Fairies can also show up in your dreams and meditation and they often work first from the dream world and back to the waking world.  Ask for them to come into your dreams and if you are sincere, they just might respond.

Lastly, watch your environment for communication from the fae.  Be aware and notice elvish energy such as mists, hazy movements, orbs, pops of energy and quick movement out of the corner of your eye.  There’s nothing quite like seeing a ball of light coming right at you to convince you that fairies are real!


Update:   To help in communication, we have  new post titled “The Fairy Communication Amulet,” which you can read here.