Ta, one of our members, recently suggested that Mr E start  blogging something of his daily life so that she could  get a better picture of his world.  I thought this was an excellent idea and mentioned it to Mr E yesterday and he liked the idea so much that he wrote his first post today.  So, starting today, Mr E is going to post at least once a week, possibly more, if  people let us know they are interested.

So, here we go, I hope you enjoy Mr E’s first blog post which he wrote by dictating to Susan:

Okay,  now

[I hear] you’ve been wanting to know the goings on in Lakeside (where he is currently living to be closer to us) and I,  Mr E, am going give you a window into our world.  Lakeside is mostly a calm town with not a lot of serious danger though, when we do get it,  its coming from elsewhere.

We had something like that last week but was it was quickly resolved . Thank God for dragon friends is all I have to say (as he smiles and winks knowingly).  See, when dragons protect you, they are the best security system around.  Not only do they ward off someone who’s attacking you but if the enemy is doing it  from a distance, the dragons can follow the trail of mischief and it will lead them right back to the attacker.  It isn’t long after that they are completely stopped  in their tracks.

Alright,  now back to Lakeside…. its a small elven community nestled  right next to this huge lake and we have some civilization–its not completely rural here. It has businesses  and places to eat and drink  and even an Inn for those traveling here to visit a fellow Lakesider (or if your passing through and need a rest).

Just outside the town a bit, there’s a nice farm with lots of cows and they bring the milk in every few days to the town and sell it to various businesses and food stores,  along with wheat and a few other vegetables.  The baker friend of mine needs to get his deliveries every two days or he will run out of flour or honey.

As to gossip, ( he smiles)  the most common kind of gossiping around here is who’s dating who and when the wedding will take place (or if the married couple has gotten with child yet) . There can  sometimes be  scraps between people due to one flirting with someone one they should be keeping their paws off of, etc.  You know, the usual type of things…

Lakeside also has a trading industry. We  trade back and forth with those from across the lake where there are various other farmers who sell their produce to us and we sell things to them in return. We have a tree farming business here too so people can have wood for their stoves and heat their homes.  It’s a bit different from how humans tree farm though.  Here they replenish the trees by working with the tree devas to make sure that the tree soul has  a brand new tree to inhabit  before its former body is okay to harvest.

I hear a lot of the goings on of the town without ever having to leave my home due to my pixie friends.  They love to fly around ,  find what’s happening in town, and report back to me. I am not a shut-in mind you, I do go downtown often to see my friends because I am a fairly outgoing fellow.

Next week I will give you the names of the businesses and who runs them and the latest town gossip. That’s all for now–may peace be with you!


Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.