View From Lakeside Vol. 10

Hello people of Real Fairies!! It seems that I’ve  gotten a few questions from you and, in this issue, I intend to answer them. We will start with a question about  the veil  from B121:  “…so how is the veil between the worlds coming along? Is it being undone at a remarkably fast pace or is it a slow ongoing process?  I have been actually doing what I can from my side of things to speed it up a bit, since while I am a rare magick user, I do seem to have a lot of power, or at least sway in contacting help from the astral plane to aid me.”

Answer: Okay, the veil is thinning, yes, but it has been progressing slowly and steadily and not at a rapid pace.  Actually, that is sort of what we want to happen since it would be too big of a shock for the veil to be gone all at once.  Still, it is important that we keep the progress going in the right direction and not have it slow down or stop altogether.  Whatever you can do on your side with your magical abilities would be a very good thing, of course! In general, what’s  required in order for the veil to thin  is greater awareness of, and belief in, the fae from your side, from humankind. You probably already know that there are areas where there is greater belief and  there you find the veil the weakest and more sightings of our kind can pop through. The pace at which the veil thins depends entirely on the numbers of believers and the strength/intensity of their belief.  

Even though the veil is still in place, there are some gifted humans who can see right through the veil and talk to us directly. Susan can see us in her mind’s eye and communicate easily, for example. I hope this answers your questions, B121 .

Now,  on to Kida who asks, “Do Gherrings have their own language? Do they have faces that are humanlike? Can you tell us more about bird people?”

Answer:  Gherrings, lovely creatures they are and such kind and playful folk!  We have quite a few right here in the house due to Natalie’s indoor pond  which she built for her turtle,  Sir Nicholas. (Note: he shares our house with us–only in his world-nl)

Now for their physical description, I will attempt to go in great detail this time. The lower bodies of these beings are mer-like, meaning they have a fish-type tail.   As we go up the body, they have two arms with hands just like a human but the skin is more like a dolphin’s where water can slide off of it and not get water logged. If you put a human in the water for too long, the skin deteriorates, right? Not so, for gherrings. They have different type of skin and their wings are different from pixies too.  Their wings are more oily and skin covered, kind of similar to a bat’s wing in your realm.  

Gherrings tend to be very modest and females often wear clothing on the top part of their body when around other types of fae otherwise they prefer not to wear clothing.  Their gender related parts are naturally concealed by a flap so modesty isn’t an issue there.  They give birth underwater but their babies don’t fly right away so they have a sort of halter to carry them around in.

Gherrings love to dive from the air into the  water to fetch their food and they have the  ability to be under water for long periods of time.  In fact, they must be near water and will never be found too far away from it. They have a two way breathing system and have gill like things at the sides of their neck which they open when under water so they can breathe there.

The colors of gherrings vary and can be almost any color of the rainbow.  Their tails can be anything from opalescent white to deep colors of brown, blue,  green, purple and even pink!  You know how bright the tails of guppies can be?  That would be similar here except they are only one color, not multiple colors like guppies. Their hair color tends to match their tail color  and their  skin is a light pale green color . Their facial features are similar to humans but with more pointed and angular features and their eyes have an upward slant similar to a lot of fae. 

About their language:  Yes, they have their own but they  are also fluent in many other ones as well. They learn fast–it helps in their survival.

Now about the Bird People… well, they are not what you would call social with other creatures.  They stick to themselves and live with their families in caves high up  in the mountains. They know the Dragons of Behradorn well and coexist with them quite  peacefully.  They have elongated, bird-like faces, two arms and legs,  claw-like hands and feet,  and a human-like torso, all covered with tiny feathers. They have huge wings which can fold up in the back  and expand when they need to fly–similar to how angels are often pictured. Their wings are covered in feathers that are much larger than the ones on their body. Their eyes are round and quite big and they can  see and hear very well.   As far as their temperament goes, they are very protective but won’t attack unless they feel threatened. Still,  I would suggest they be approached with respect and caution (as I did) for the best results!

As far as Lakeside goes, all is calm here and the centaurs are considering putting on a show for the townspeople to show how they do an archery tourney. That should be great fun for the locals and I am really looking  forward to attending! More on Lakeside next week.

 Until next time… Stay safe my friends!



Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.