Here’s Mr E’s account of his first meeting with a large, winged fae that he calls the Bird People.  I found it fascinating and I hope you will too! –nl

NL: Can you think of any type of fae that we haven’t talked about before?

Mr E: Yes, the closer you get to the mountain (Behradorn), you will find the bird people.  They live high in the mountains, near where the dragon’s live but in holes in the mountains.  They’ve  created their own caves and they fly up there which  keeps them safe and away from everything.

NL: What do they look like, are their faces human?

Mr E:  Not so much, they look kind of human-like but kind of not. Their faces are kind of stretched out a little and their mouth is almost like a beak,  but it’s a little different. Its got feathers and flesh–they are very interesting, they’re nothing like anything you’ve ever seen.  They have a lot of bird-like qualities–they have claw feet, wings and arms and they can fly.

NL: Are the wings part of their arms?

Mr E: No, their wings are on their back…like an angel has but (laughs) it’s NOT an angel. Hmmm, yeah, I guess you would say the wings are like an angel but not quite the same exactly. These fold up and sit in the back.

NL: What else can you tell me about how they look?

Mr E:  They also have arms with hands that have little claws on the ends of them with only four fingers on each one. You know, they don’t have, like, the pinky.  They’ve got just the thumb and the three there. They’ve got claws on the end, “scratchies!” They are quite decent weapons.

They’ve got teeth, sharp ones, and the eyes are big eyes…it’s kind of hard to explain…they’re not frontal (the eyes), they are more on the side of the head.

They have excellent vision and hearing so they’re not the type of creature that you can sneak up on.  They can see you coming way before you even get there–they’ll notice you before you notice them. They are curious by nature, very curious and they want to know what you are all about.

NL: Have you ever talked to one of them?

Mr E: Yes, they communicate telepathically.

NL: Can you tell me about an experience you had when you have talked to one of them?

Mr E: I was heading to Behradorn to see the dragons and there are some huge walls along the way…huge, huge mountain walls (with a pathway). So I was traveling there and all of a sudden I heard a little scuffle above my head. I looked up and I saw this creature looking down at me.

NL: So, when you encountered this one, you said you were walking along…

Mr E: I was on my horse, on my steed, and we were walking down the pathway.

NL: This was the very first time you had seen this type of creature?

Mr E: Yes, the very first, and I froze, you know, because I didn’t know what to do. There was like a little cavern thing with a little ledge where he was crouching about 6 -8 feet above me.

NL: That isn’t that far above you.

Mr E: No, it isn’t. That’s why I could hear him right away. I hadn’t noticed him before that because he was deep inside the cave but then he must have heard me coming. So, as I said before, he came out, I heard scuffle,scuffle, scuffle, looked up and saw this creature hunched over. At this point, I was thinking “holy crap!”

Right away, my self preservation instincts took over and I decided to gallop a short distance away. I stopped and turned my horse around so I could face this creature and get a better look at him. This is pretty much the best way I can explain it to you.

I had never seen a creature like this one before and he looked like he could do some damage if he wanted to. I asked myself, “Okay, do I want to take him on?” You know, these are the thoughts that were racing through my head. Real quick-like, I was trying to decide, “Is this a friend or foe, what do I do? What should I do?”

You know, as a nobleman, you follow noble acts. You don’t attack someone unless there is a damn good reason to. So this is what I was deciding–whether or not there was a reason to take action.

Right about then, he noticed that I was, you know, on the edge (nervous). Already he was picking up my vibes and my worry and he looked at me and did this little bird-like thing where he tilts his head to one side and then to the other side, studying me.

When he did that, I was thinking, “Okay, he’s curious. From his mannerisms, I can tell that he’s as curious about me as I am about him.”

Then he started climbing down from the wall really slowly and even though I knew he was heading toward me, it didn’t feel like an aggressive move. I mean,  it wasn’t like he was scurrying down the wall to get to me before I could get to him.  I was watching him now, watching him very carefully!

I was just starting to back my horse up slightly when he sort of beckoned me to come closer to him. That’s when I thought to myself, “Okay, I’ll do as he asks but I will have my sword in my hand just in case I have to lop his head off.” Even though I was prepared for that, I really hoped it wouldn’t go that way.

Slowly, I got down off my horse and walked towards him. As I got closer, he reached out a claw to me and I could see that he wanted something. I was near enough now to sense (read) him and I could feel that he wasn’t intending to harm me. So, when I reached him, I allowed him to put his hand/claw on my forehead.  As soon as he did that, I was able to hear his thoughts.

NL: That took an act of faith on your part.

Mr E: Well, yes, but, as I said before, I had decided I’d go with a weapon just in case so I was trying to test the waters v-e-r-y carefully. There was something about his attitude and his body language that told me that he wasn’t going to hurt me. So with the sensing and the observation, I was pretty sure what the story was. He was quite interesting…

NL: What did he say?

Mr E: He explained what he was, basically. He projected pictures into my head and he was also able to translate his thoughts into my language. The first things he said were sort of an introduction, saying something like, “I’m a bird man, I’m a bird person. Bird, I’m part bird, you know?”

He showed me pictures in my head of his children and his wife. I saw pictures of them living, high above the ground in caves with a fire going. He told me that they weren’t warring creatures for the most part and they live high up so that they would be safe from harm and avoid conflict.  They preferred to keep to themselves to avoid trouble but they knew the dragon’s of Behradorn and they get along well with them.

NL: How many of them are there?

Mr E: There’s not that many of them, their population is way less than a hundred.

NL: What do they eat, are they vegetarians or carnivores?

Mr E: They are meat eaters and they hunt pretty much the way eagles or raptors would.

NL: What happened next?

Mr E: After he told me about his people, I told him a little about mine and then he had a question for me.

He said, “This area that you are traveling through is our territory. What’s your purpose  here?”

It was a fair question and I told him, “I’m on my way to see the dragons in Behradorn so I’m just passing through.”  I think both of those facts made him feel much more at ease. To him, my connection to the dragons was good but the fact that I wasn’t staying around long was probably even better!

The last thing he said to me was, “I understand who you are now and you understand who I am as well. We are at peace with each other, there is nothing to fear between our people. Farewell, and may your path be safe.” Then, he took his hand from my forehead, bowed and  backed away. I bowed in return, got back on my horse, and continued on the path to Behradorn.

Here’s an audio clip with Mr E discussing what part his sensing abilities played in the decisions he made during this encounter:

Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.