Hello people of Real Fairies!!

How has your week been going over there in your world ? Today, I’m thinking about how  fascinated I am with your ability to create such amazing inventions. Your world fascinates me along with the fact that you think my world is so charming.  I’m used to my world and you are used to yours  but, what I love about our relationship is, we can interest one another by talking about our ordinary, everyday lives and cultures.

Speaking of that, Lakeside has been a busy little town with some  people riding in on horseback and others using horse drawn carts to carry supplies and shipments to the stores.  There are also other people coming from the fisheries to sell their fish to the inns, restaurants and even the  local fish stands.

The centaurs have decided to create an area where they can have their archery tournament so they are working on setting up the targets at different heights and distances apart each other. Maybe, to get an idea of this competition,  I should draw you a picture explaining things a bit:centaur-games-arena

You see, for one thing, this is not a competition where you stand in one place and try and make the bulls eye. Noooo, not at all! This competition involves centaurs running  at full speed and shooting off to their side at  lots of different targets placed at different heights over quite a long distance-about two football fields in length (I consulted Susan in order to get the right reference for the distance). Sometimes this is done right up next to a wooded area so the targets can be placed up in the trees and such.  If not, they find other ways to make the targets vary in height and size  by placing them on wooden posts and so on.

According to the plans, there will  be a VIP  viewing stand in upper middle seating area and below that,  the citizens of the town can come and watch and cheer on their favorite player.  Sometimes, there are a few vendors who wanna make money during this event and sell drinks, snacks and trinkets to wave or  make noise for their favorite archer.

Now, after a centaur has run the whole course, they have someone go slowly through the course, removing the arrows and counting up the score.  The score depends upon how many targets each contestant hits and how close it is to the center– if its close to the center it’s 5 points, if it’s off to the side it’s 1 point.

When they have the results of each run,  they tell the crowd and the crowd cheers.  All of the scores are written down and there is a final run between the  two archers with the highest scores. This is the most exciting time and the crowd goes crazy cheering for their favorite. When the results are tallied, the winner is declared and he/she is awarded with a prize.

After the competition,  there will be a huge party that the town will be putting together with dancing, singing and lots of food so we will be doing the party thing in style!

Until next time, stay well my friends!


Below is an audio clip that Mr E recorded a few years ago, when he first talked (with great excitement) about the centaur games.  It’s quite relevant to what he talks about in this post so I have included it for you here:

Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.