A View from Lakeside, Vol. 12

Hello my people of Real Fairies, how are things going on your end? I’m gonna do my best to take you through an ordinary day with me because it seems to fascinate you so…

First of all, I sleep in a bed that is sort of like what you might think is a bunk bed but without the lower bunk. It has a small ladder that I use to get from the ground to my bed. Directly below my bed is a sitting area where I can sit, read and write, work on letters to home, do drawings, perform some spell work and things like that.

My day starts here in my bed. I usually wake up at the crack of dawn to the sound of pixie wings as the pixies arrive to tell me of the interesting news that they’ve gathered. They also give me my daily riddle–they love that, giving riddles. Some humans do a daily crossword from their favorite newspaper, I get a daily riddle from my little pixie friends!

With the riddle solved (or not as the case may be!), I get dressed for the day. What I tend to wear here, in Lakeside, differs a lot from when I’m in Fyn. Here, I am more casual and wear mostly browns (brown colored clothes). Some of my clothes are made from hides of cows and other meat animals because we use everything we can from them so as not to put their life sacrifice to shame.  So, once I am dressed, I put my knee boots on and I’m ready to go.

Next, I head to the kitchen to see what the grundels have prepared for my breakfast.  Today, it was toasted elven love bread with butter and some eggs, very tasty! I wish I could have shared it with all of you but that just wasn’t possible, was it? (he laughs)

After breakfast, there’s lots to do. I head out to see if my elven steeds need anything to make them more comfortable. I quickly get to work cleaning hooves, mucking out their stalls, seeing that they have food and water, and giving them a good wash down. So, now you know why I have to get up so early in the morning! Not to mention the fact I have to go into town and help out my friends but since all of the above takes time, I get up very early.

So what’s next? I saddle up my horse friend Dara and we head into town stopping at Handpul’s Bakery to see if they need help unloading some flour or need help with some heavy lifting since I’m a fairly strong elf man. I love to help out where I can and of course, the free bread goods I get always go to good use (he chuckles).

When I’m done at the bakery, I head to the fisherman’s wharf where I help with the fishing, bringing in the fish, and tallying up what’s been caught on what day. I also help with the grading of the fish and I see to it that they use my best fishing techniques. After all this has been done, I go fetch my best girl from her home which isn’t far from the wharf since her father owns it.

We head to the local pub to grab something to eat and talk. If the crowd there is big enough, we like to sing old songs of long ago and everyone likes to chime in.

After the fun is over, I drop her off at her home and head back home myself. When I get there, I undo Dara’s saddle, give her a good brush down, and see to it that she has enough of everything until tomorrow.

Finally, I head  into the house and change  into some comfy clothes to sleep in. Before I go to bed, I write down any news I heard that the homeland needs to know about and then I climb up to my bed and off to sleep I go until another day begins.

Stay well, my friends…


Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.