Hello my people of Real Fairies! Today I am going to do some answering of some of your questions and I am sorry it has been a while since I put up a post. Susan has been unavailable due to a death in her family and she needed time to go to funeral and grieve for her sister. She is feeling better now so here I am, back with you today… Here are the questions, followed by my answer:

From  Kathleen: I’d be interested to know some of the songs you know. Wondering what the musical style would be like ( Celtic, Folksy , Country, etc.)

Answer:  Hello Kathleen…well we have different types of music from chanting to happy festive tunes that we might be singing at a bar or at a party.

Some Elvish music is similar to Celtic and folksy music in your world, yes. Let’s see, an example of  that would be  one that has the lyrics, ” She’s going down to the river to meet her one true love.”  Some lyrics from another one would be, “Ale, ale, ale, I have coins in my pocket so grab your lady friend and your brothers too and we’ll all go down to the pub to have some tasty brew! ” (Laughs) Fortunately, it rhymes better in my language!

We have another type of music that is nothing at all like human music and is almost indescribable. This is the music that we use when working with magic or during our ceremonies and it combines chanting with singing at the same time along with drums, gongs, tambourine (our version) and sometimes flutes.
Hopes this answers your question Kathleen.
Sincerely, E

This one is from Benjamin Butler:  Hi I’m new here, from America and I just recently started to read about all the great things about Elves Of Fyn. I have a question for Mr. E–in our world, some people wish that they could talk with animals such as our lovely pets and, though we know that our animal friends can’t speak the way we do, we try and find ways to understand them. Now in your realm, can you speak to animals and vice versa or if not verbal then telepathically?

 Also its an honor to meet you Mr. E I am now starting to believe more and more every day and I ‘ll try to do my part to help the Earth as much as possible and I’ll try to get my friends to help in hopes and dreams to finally get to meet some of the Fae and Pixies in my part of the world.

Answer:  Hello Benjamin, over here,  some animals are able to telepathically connect and talk to us and we can do the same.  A few are capable of verbally speaking with us but they are mainly the elven steeds which are magical creatures and not like anything you have in your world.

I appreciate that you are trying to do your part to save the Earth that we both share and I thank you!  Every bit of energy added, no matter how small, helps us all.

Meeting Pixies is not a difficult task and I am sure one day you will see some because they are everywhere and it’s easy for them to go through the veil.
Sincerely, E

From Felicia:  Hi Mr. E , thank you for the great blog posts.  I have a question–do people from your community communicate with fae from other parts of the world? If so , in what ways?

Answer:  Hello Felicia, you’re quite welcome for the blog posts–I have as much fun making them as you do reading them. To answer your question, yes, we talk to fae from other parts of the world either by a letter mailing system or,  if we have been there physically before,  we can teleport back and forth (through a wormhole) with info and news. We have quite a few countries that we communicate with beyond The Eight and we have a pretty good idea of what’s going on globally.
Sincerely, E

From Navneeta: Hi Mr. E thank you so much for posting on Behradorn Dragons because I have been waiting on this information for such a long time. Its great to learn about them. Later, if possible,  could you please tell us more about them ? Especially how baby dragons look/appear or their behavior patterns. I have been always so fascinated with dragons and I don’t know why?I have one more question for you . I downloaded some Dragon protections Spells–can I use them or is that a big no no? You’re the nicest elf we have ever met. I wish I could meet you someday. Thank you, catch you later.

Answer:  Hello Navneeta! Well, baby dragons look pretty much like their adult parents only a lot smaller at first! As to their behavior patterns…let’s see… well see they are not like animals, they are more like humans (only smarter!).  They are feisty when young and yes,  they can get themselves into quite a bit of  trouble but fortunately, they are never allowed to leave their den until they are big enough to defend and  take care of themselves. In some ways, they act a bit like kittens do but they are bigger, a lot scarier and so much more intelligent!

About dragon protection spells… hmm…is it to protect you from dragons or made from a dragon?  I don’t know any dragons telling humans their secrets so I would be careful of where you got the info from.

Someday we might have a meet and greet for me and my Real Fairies friends when we decide to go on the road but I will still only be in Susan’s body–I can’t get to your world  any other way right now. Take care Navneeta!
Sincerely,  E

From Faecat: Hello E I have some questions : Are The Eight aware of specific believers on our side and keep tabs on them? How does a human show specific interest in communicating with fae such as you, Natalie, and Susan have?
I’m glad to be back , and thanks for the advice on reconnecting with you guys! Oh, would you mind talking about the Faery pools in Scotland, Isle of Skye, and whether or not it’s a good place to communicate with fae? Can’t wait till the next blog post!!

Answer: Hello Faecat! Yes, there are certain people on your side that are  known to The Eight and they keep informed about where they are and how they are doing and they act as their guides sometimes.

As far as Susan and Natalie go, that is a connection/relationship that we have been working on together for many lifetimes. Does that type of relationship exist with other fae and humans? Yes, we have no doubt.

To show interest in communicating…hmm…well believing in us is really half the battle won.  My general advice to humans is to just be open, watch and listen to what goes on around you and in your head. We love to communicate in dreams–its easier that way sometimes, especially to begin with.

Like I said before (and it bears repeating), what attracts the interest of the fae the most is the fact that you believe .  Believing in them draws them to you. Those who wish to connect with them must be patient and  learn to quiet themselves and be able to open their mind and truly listen.  If one does this with a calm, peaceful heart, they will slowly begin to feel their presence and hear them in their head  (or even see them and hear them out loud) .

The herbs I mentioned to you earlier may help to thin the veil and make it easier to be in a  meditative state, focused and listening but they just make it easier–it can still be done without them.

Now, once you know the fae  are there, you can ask them to show themselves and they may start by playing good-natured tricks designed to get your attention.  They may take things and return them and generally make you feel you are a bit crazy.   Not to worry, its just us trying to get your attention!

You asked about Scotland. Yes, it is a good fae territory so anywhere there is nature, you will likely find some people from my realm.  I would be cautious however since not every good fae is 100% good. It’s like saying humans are basically good but…well some of them would want to kill you on sight so always keep this in mind. I always recommend protection when attempting to contact anything not in your realm.
Sincerely E,

I hope I answered all your questions and I hope you all have a wonderful week! Now that your weather is in summertime, go out and have some fun! I love you all and take care and be safe.

Your Mr E.

Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.