View From Lakeside Volume # 9

Hello people of Real Fairies! I’m glad to say Suzy has completely recovered from the nasty stomach flu and we are able to work on blog posts again…

Whats going on in Lakeside?  Well, on a personal note, I have been seeing a very nice lady friend and we have been spending time together strolling about town catching a bite to eat and sometimes we like to sing at the pub together. She is a very nice lady and a daughter of the fisherman I help out (which I mentioned in an earlier post).

Some of you asked about gherrings–what they were and so on.  Well, to describe the little beings,  they are similar to mermaids/mermen but they have wings too.  They are very small–about pixie size–and they have wings that are specially coated with this oil they secrete so it does not inhibit either their flying ability or their swimming. As you might have guessed, they are both air and water beings and you can find them around ponds, lakes, and streams which are  mostly fresh water. Unlike their  Mer cousins, they do not generally like salt water.

You also asked about centaurs and how they mingle and coexist with the elves. Well, we are quite friendly with them and we like to go to their events and cheer them on back in Fyn. There are a few centaurs here with us from Fyn–about 20 of them–who came with me when I arrived here.   They have developed a small town-like area for themselves not far from the city of Lakeside, building structures similar to barns which give them protection when it gets cold and rainy.  The few that are here don’t really hold any events because there aren’t enough of them here for that. They are really  just here to help me out and scout around for possible threats and provide some protection for Lakeside.  They live quite happily here and their numbers will increase gradually as both females and males came over here with me .

Suzy tells me that  it’s spring in your area again, and when it’s spring here in Lakeside,  we have a festival welcoming the warm weather back and saying farewell to old man winter.  Naturally, since we are elves,  we like to send him off in style!   We have a huge bonfire in the center of the party area … hmm, I think I should explain about this party area first so you get a better picture.  You see,  we have a huge area that we have set aside for all our gatherings and in the center,  is a bonfire pit. This party area  is where we celebrate our holidays and special events, including weddings.  Unlike weddings in your world where you just invite your close friends and family,  elves invite the entire town and everyone is included . Even the centaurs and other types of fae like gherrings, pixies, leprechauns, and grundels are also  invited . Everyone contributes to the party and helps the new couple get their lives off to a happy start.

Okay, I see I got a bit sidetracked there, a bad habit of my kind! So…where was I?  Ah…back to the festival…now, since the festival is  for saying goodbye to winter and hello to the sun (and easier living) we wear a lot of red, orange and yellow to signify the sun. Streamers of those colors, plus green to welcome back the greenery, are everywhere.  We have party streamer sticks  similar to the ones I explained about on your St. Patrick’s Day (which we call Day of the Leprechaun because its the one time the humans actually let themselves believe in us fae) .

Back to the festival…we have a huge feast where every family brings some food and drinks and there are fun little games for the younger ones and a  few competitions  for the adults.  Some of my favorites are the adult  archery competition and the toy boat race for the little ones where they make toy boats and race ’em down a stream .

There’s a lot more but to list them all would take more time than poor Suzy would be able to type for me  so I think I will stop here for now.

So Happy Spring people of Real Fairies !!! I will write more next week and safe paths to you until then.



Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.