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The View from Lakeside,  Vol 8.

Hello again my friends from Real Fairies!

This time, I would like to address some of the many questions that you have asked–great questions by the way!  I am really hoping to get through most, if not all, of them today.  If there are some I don’t get to, I will try to answer them next time.

Here we go…
1)  maria_fae asked, “I would like to ask what is Mr.E ‘s favorite foods in his world?”

Answer:   My favorite food…this is the hardest question because I like so many things!  Hmmm …fresh Elven bread and a good, cooked fish is one of my favorite dinners. I fancy good sweets as well.

2)  maria_fae asked, “Are jobs that focus on magic common?”

Answer:  Well these type of jobs are a very specialized thing,  not just anyone can do it.  It can happen a couple of different ways–sometimes a child is born with the gift and then the parents of that child would get them the right magical schooling.  Another way this happens is, if a child  deeply desires to work with magic, he or she  can apply for the chance to go to the same school.  Now, is this common?  Well, if you are asking if every town has at least one person who has this knowlege, then my answer would be yes.  If by common, you mean that everyone in town  is doing this, then my answer would be  no.

3)  maria_fae asked, “Where would Lakeside be in the human world?”

Answer:  Lakeside is located in an area in the faery realm that corresponds to where Natalie and Suzy and Katie live, in Michigan (Traverse City area).

4)  maria_fae asked,  “What do faeries, who have wings, wings look like?”

Answer:  Well,  I have only come across a few fae with wings–gherrings , pixies, and the bird people. Pixies have very thin wings which are almost see through. They can expand and collapse their wings when they are not using them to fly.  Gherrings have wings that are similar to pixies but they are oily, like a fish, in order to protect their  wings when they dive under water.  The bird folk have actual feathers (more about them in another post).

5)  Lance asked,  “Are there just elves that live in Lakeside?”

Answer:  No,  there are many other types of fae here but the elves are the ones who created Lakeside as a city. We have pixies, gherrings, grundels, centaurs and various others that either were native to this area or immigrated here.

6)  kida asked, “Do landmarks like mountains and lakes correspond with landmarks in the human world?”

Answer:  Yes, we have the same landmarks like mountains and lakes. For instance, Behradorn is a real mountain in your world as well. It’s a mountain in Liechtenstein, south of where Fyn is Located.

7)  Iridesa79 (Navneeta) asked,  “…one simple question– do mermaids also help you in fishing ?

Answer:  Yes! You see, the mer are in control of the waters and they can pretty much decide how difficult (or not) the fishing will be. In return for their assistance, we do them favors that they can’t accomplish without our help. For example, they love mirrors so we provide mirrors for them along with various  tools, and herbs, etc. that only we can get for them. By agreement, it is the elves’ responsibility to regulate how much fishing is done by (non mer)  fae  in various waters so that there will always be plenty of fish for everyone and no one, including the mer, will go hungry.

8)  Lance asked, “Trolls, are they real? Are they generally good or bad guys (In terms they relate to humans).  Dwarves, I love them, any information you have about them would be great.”

Answer:  Trolls exist.  They are not the most friendly and they are not quite bright either.   For the most part, elves tend to see them as bad guys and the dark side loves to use them to do their bidding.

Dwarves are a great folk who like to live in and near mountains. They are a bit shorter than humans and can be fairly happy folk. I’ve met a few on my way to see the dragons in Behradorn. However, dwarf /dragon relations are a bit sketchy if at all!  You see, dwarves have a a tendency to become very greedy with their things and dragons hate that so much that they will take over the dwarves’ mining area and prevent them from getting their gold, silver or gems.  The dragon sees this as doing what is in the best interest of the dwarves because it can ruin the dwarves’ life and, naturally,  greed is no good for any being.

9)  Lance asked, “Does one race of fae prefer one side over the other or is there good and bad fae in each race?”

Answer:  Well,  there are different degrees of good and bad. You see,  even one of my citizens of Fyn,  born and raised there, can do bad things.  When that happens, they will have to  pay the price for what they did–they could be  jailed or worse if the situation calls for it.

On the other hand, you will find that there are some among those that we call unseelie who  are just trying to get by and don’t really want to cause harm.  However,  they live  right alongside those that want to wipe out humanity (and Fyn and many other elven countries as well).

The Elves of Fyn  and the Group of Eight consider the darker, unseelie fae to be their enemies at this point in our history.   We oppose their idea of destroying humanity in order to save the earth and that puts us in direct confrontation with them. It’s a difficult situation to explain to those who are not of our world but rest assured, it was not a decision that we made lightly.  In the end,  we could not stand by idly while steps were being taken to harm others.

Well, that’s all I have time for now, there will be more coming next week as long as Susan stays healthy. Until then,  stay safe my friends and keep a positive outlook for the future.

Mr. E

Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.