The View From Lakeside – Vol.6, 3/25/14

Hello people of Real Fairies!!

How’s your week going over there? I recently got a question from one of you–her name is Paige–about how we tend to healing and what not. Well it’s a good question and I was actually planning to get to that this week.

You know the downtown street that I was describing and telling you about the businesses? Well, that’s not the only street in town, that’s just the main street. The one behind the main street and further away from the lake has a lineup of different stores with a lot of doctoring/healing places for when you get ill or injured. Unfortunately, that seems to happen a lot to some of us. Me, I tend to end up more on the injured side!

So, on this street there is an herb store that carries lots of herbs and natural medicines and the healers go there to stock up. It’s better if you get to a healer than go it on your own unless you’re well studied in this area. I know from experience that, when you have a leg gash, you need to wash it with whatever form of alcohol you can find and wrap it with boiled strips of cloth, preferably cotton. Sometimes they apply an herb on top of the wound before they bind the leg with the boiled cotton and tie it. If the gash is way too big, then stitching up the wound with boiled thread is necessary. I ought to know since this was done to me recently.

Yes, even I get into a few fights here and there because there are those who are against The Eight and want to stop any progress we are making. Even in this beautiful, quiet town, they found me (I won’t go into how right now, it’s a long story) and they were very clever and I was taken by surprise and ended up with the nasty buggers slicing me leg. Not to worry, I am completely recovered now and thanks to some help from me brother-in-law JP, they are no longer any trouble to anyone.

But, back to healing–there are many ways to heal on our side, it just depends on the situation and what’s ailing ya. Sometimes, if you can get to a really powerful person, they can heal you on the power of thought alone. As you might have guessed, those healers are rare and trained mainly for the royals and upper class. I gotta say though, I have known a few a these types of healers who refuse to leave it to just the upper class. They travel around helping those who are in need and those folks take ’em in and support ’em in trade for their skill.

Now, one of the questions was, “do we use some of the ancient human healing techniques such as acupuncture/pressure?” Of course! If it interests us and fits with our way of life, we often pick those things up. If you’re skilled in that, we can learn a lot from you.

So, I also wanna suggest that if you want a question answered, please send it to Natalie (leave in the comments section below) and I will help as much as I can to convey what my world is like to you. I can pick one each week and I’m willing to discuss just about anything with you.

That’s all for now–until next week, please stay safe and healthy and happy, my friends!

Yours truly,
Mr. E

Who is Mr E? He is the main spokesperson for the Elves of Fyn. The best way to get to know him is to listen to his many audio clips and read a couple of his interviews.